Truth in Charity – Consecrated Life

On this episode, Bishop and Kyle talk about an important but sometimes overlooked vocation…those who live a life of consecration to God. What are the different forms of this vocation? How do they work? Hear Bishop explain and give examples from right here in our Diocese. Then…is it ever appropriate for a priest or deacon to address current events in a homily? And the show wraps up with Bishop answering listener-submitted questions on why the Eucharist has to be unleavened bread and more.

Truth in Charity – Consecrated Life2020-07-17T09:47:53-05:00

Truth in Charity – Real Presence of Christ – Bi-Lingual Confirmation Mass – Marion Apparitions

We’re back with all new episodes, and this week Bishop discusses a recent survey that revealed some shocking statistics about how many Catholics believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist….then it’s on to the upcoming bi-lingual confirmation mass for youth with disabilities, a conversation about relics, and then….listener-submitted questions on topics including Marian apparitions and much more.

Truth in Charity – Real Presence of Christ – Bi-Lingual Confirmation Mass – Marion Apparitions2020-02-18T18:40:07-05:00

Church Life Today – Anna Keating

Dr. Tim O’Malley interviews Anna Keating, author of The Catholic Catalogue and coordinator of Catholic Life at Colorado College. Keating explores ways to practice Catholic devotions in the home and the importance of introducing practice and beauty to young people in the Church.

Church Life Today – Anna Keating2020-06-04T09:04:05-05:00
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