Doctor, Doctor – #169 – Mask Hysteria

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Paul Carson and psychologist Dr. Peter Malinoski talk about the divergent responses to the growing number of mask mandates around the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Carson talks about some misconceptions and misinformation about the effectiveness of mask-wearing to prevent COVID-19 spread, and Dr. Malinoski helps us understand the deeper reasons people might be resistant to mandates and how we can respond.

Doctor, Doctor – #169 – Mask Hysteria2020-12-30T14:21:36-05:00

Doctor, Doctor – #128 – Making Sense of Mask Guidelines

Dr. Paul Carson, infectious disease and public health specialist, is back to help us make sense of the latest guidelines about who should be wearing a mask and what kind of mask is beset for different people.

Doctor, Doctor – #128 – Making Sense of Mask Guidelines2020-04-06T11:45:33-05:00

Doctor, Doctor – #50 – Do We Have a Duty to Get Vaccinated?

Infectious Disease and Public Health Specialist Dr. Paul Carson discusses the history of vaccines, how they have changed the health and life expectancy of people around the world, and why people have a moral obligation to vaccinate themselves and their children.

Doctor, Doctor – #50 – Do We Have a Duty to Get Vaccinated?2020-02-17T00:53:54-05:00
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