Church Life Today – Roy Petifils

The guest for this podcast is Roy Petifils, a licensed counselor at Pax Renewal Center in Lafayette Louisiana. Roy studied ministry and spirituality at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas and holds a masters in mental health counseling from the University of Louisiana. He recently published "Helping Teens with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression" from Ave Maria Press.

Church Life Today – Roy Petifils2021-02-24T09:18:57-05:00

Doctor, Doctor – #59 – Catholic Guide to Depression

Psychiatrist Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at, UC-Irvine School of Medicine, and co-author of A Catholic Guide to Depression to help us understand the often life-draining and seemingly hopeless disease of depression.

Doctor, Doctor – #59 – Catholic Guide to Depression2020-02-16T23:46:14-05:00

Doctor, Doctor – #26 – Medical Marijuana Feature Interview (14:50) – Dr. Jeff Berger, medical director of Guest House, the national Catholic addiction treatment center for Priests,

Doctor, Doctor – #26 – Medical Marijuana2020-02-17T03:37:02-05:00

Doctor, Doctor – #18 – Gender Dysphoria

Pediatric Endocrinologist Dr. Paul Hruz discusses gender dysphoria, sometimes called transgenderism, including the latest research, the harm being caused by current medical and cultural approaches to treatment, and what better faithful and scientific treatment might look like.

Doctor, Doctor – #18 – Gender Dysphoria2020-02-17T04:25:30-05:00
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