Church Life Today – Rich Garnett (Part 1)

In June and early July 2020, we’ve heard news just about weekly of controversial or at least hotly contested Supreme Court decisions. Maybe you found yourself with strong reactions now again, but you weren’t totally clear about what you were reacting to. What, actually, was at stake in that case and what does the ruling really mean? I have questions like that, too, especially in cases that are of special interest to many Catholics or other religious believers: cases about religious liberty, immigration, healthcare mandates, and abortion law. To help us get better sense for some of these summer 2020 Supreme Court decisions and their ramifications, I’m happy to welcome back Rick Garnett Professor of Law and Concurrent Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame, where he is also the founding director of the Program on Church, State, and Society. I’m your host, Leonard DeLorenzo and this is Church Life Today. This is part one of a two-part interview with Prof. Garnett.

Church Life Today – Rich Garnett (Part 1)2020-12-29T11:36:08-05:00

Church Life Today – Joe Campo

What effect does the absence of fathers have on our society? What do you do to listen for God’s will? What’s the greatest threat to a family home? How can you recognize and draw out the talents of young people? These are just some of the questions I ask of our guest today, Joe Campo, in a discussion that touches on the intimate and the grand, the spiritual and the practical alike.

Church Life Today – Joe Campo2021-02-01T16:22:39-05:00

Church Life Today – Nichole Flores

This episode focuses on the family, especially the expansive notion of the extended family and what this means for who we are as individuals, who we are responsible for, and what this means for our parishes. Dr. DeLorenzo is joined by Dr. Nichole M. Flores is an assistant professor of religious studies at the University of Virginia.

Church Life Today – Nichole Flores2021-02-02T10:45:20-05:00

Church Life Today – Reverend Dr. Daniel McClain

In this episode, Dr. DeLorenzo sits down to discuss with Reverend Dr. Daniel McClain, an Epipscopal priest who taught a week long track at McGrath's Institute’s Liturgy & the Domestic Church gathering, where he focused on Forming the Sacramental Imagination of the Child through Literature

Church Life Today – Reverend Dr. Daniel McClain2021-02-02T16:28:25-05:00

Church Life Today – Eric Buell

Buell, a Catholic educator from the Diocese of San Jose, talks with show host, Leonard DeLorenzo, about Catholic Education, teaching theology, Catholic identity, and some of the cultural shifts he is seeing from the perspective of living in the Silicon Valley.

Church Life Today – Eric Buell2020-06-04T11:11:32-05:00
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