Doctor, Doctor – #71 – Science-Based Arguments Against Contraception

Dr. William Stigall, pediatric intensive care physician and bioethicist at University of Dallas, shares arguments against using contraception based on scientific evidence including differences in how hormones work in male and female bodies, what studies show about how contraception negatively affects relationships between men and women.

Doctor, Doctor – #71 – Science-Based Arguments Against Contraception2020-02-14T22:55:50-05:00

Doctor, Doctor – #27 – Embryo Adoption

Bioethicist Fr. Ryan McCarthy discusses embryo adoption and the ethical questions Catholic theologians are considering about how we might ethically respond to the crisis created by leftover embryos from in vitro fertilization.

Doctor, Doctor – #27 – Embryo Adoption2020-02-17T03:33:10-05:00
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