Evan Rosswurm has always loved a quote that NBA superstar Steph Curry placed on the inside of his shoe, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

” I really love that quote because the lord strengthens you through everything you do,” Evan explains. “You don’t have to be the greatest at everything. He always has your back and will help you out.”

Evan has a pretty good quote with perspective himself.

“You don’t have to have the highest grades to get into heaven,” Evan says. “Just knowing that–it takes stress off of me throughout anything that I do.”

Now, Evan does have very good grades. He’s graduating from Penn High School this week with a 4.3 GPA. Those grades coupled with his strong Catholic faith and his work with extracurriculars make Evan our Redeemer Radio Student of the Month in Michiana for the month of June. The Student of the Month is presented by St. Joseph Health System.

“My faith is very important to me,” Evan tells us. “My whole family is very devout, especially a lot of my aunts and uncles on my dad’s side. We were actually at a baptism a couple of weeks ago & a First Communion and a whole lot of those things. The best part is Easter season. I love Easter season and the opportunity to grow and change and attend a lot more Masses that I normally don’t get a chance to attend.”

Evan and his family are parishioners at Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Mishawaka. Evan has served as an altar server there since he we a kid. In fact, serving as an altar server began when he was asked to be one for his aunt’s wedding in Indianapolis. He had never done it before but very much enjoyed the experience.

“My dad always pushed me to be an altar server. He was one” Evan explains. “It really gives you a different perspective when you are attending Mass in knowing what is going on throughout Mass. I served from 4th grade to now. I don’t serve as much now because of Covid. I miss serving at the bigger Masses like Christmas and Easter but also there comes a time that you need to start moving on and start helping out around the Church in a different way when you are older. Giving younger kids an opportunity to serve more because it’s a way they can contribute during Mass where as me, I can be a lector or Eucharistic Minister.”

Evan is the oldest of four kids and says he tries to be a role model for his siblings and lead by example.

“I started reading part of the Bible every night or in the morning when I wake up,” Evan says. “Just trying to lead by example–my brother then started doing the same thing. It was Lent a year ago, he started doing the same thing. Reading the Bible, reading stories about saints.”

Evan also has coached his 10 year old brother’s soccer team for the last several years. Evan was asked to help out for a week in 8th grade and loved it. He’s been an assistant coach since then and this past fall served as head coach and led his brother’s team to the league championship! Evan has always been a big sports fan and played basketball at Penn for three years.

Other extracurricular activities include the Key Club, Technology Student Association and Stem Club. As a junior, Rosswurm finished 1st in the Cad 3-D Engineering at the Indiana TSA Competition at Purdue as a junior.

“I had no idea this club was even a thing until junior year,” Evan said. “Someone who was lifting weights with us before school was trying to recruit because there weren’t that many people. We had maybe 10-15 people this year in a school of 3,200 kids. He was recruiting us and I knew I wanted to go into something involving math or science. And I knew I wanted some more clubs to put on college applications and we joined and it was enjoyable and I kept doing it.”

While Evan explored the possibility of majoring in engineering, he ultimately landed on data science because of his love for statistics. He will major in data science at Purdue next fall. And yes Evan tells himself you don’t have to have the highest grades to get into Heaven but he knows they are important.

“They matter a lot,” Evan admits. “Anytime I get anything lower than my standards—I don’t like failing. I always like being pushed. My parents push me a lot from a young age and same with my siblings so just trying to get the best grades possible to set myself up for the future especially since so many opportunities come from that.”

And attending Penn High School has helped him too. “I’ve enjoyed being challenged and taking all the AP college credit classes that I have. Being able to push myself.”

Prior to Penn, Evan attend Queen of Peace Grad School from 3rd to 8th grade.

“It was great,” Evan said. “I loved that school. I loved our class. Our class was great. We all got along super well. Have that foundation of a Catholic education and morals and being able to use that at Penn because Penn is very large school and a public school. A lot of things I saw or heard that I would never see at Queen of Peace. It’s definitely helped a lot.”

Evan was nominated for the student of the month by his neighbor Michelle Szajko.

“Evan is an outstanding young man,” Szjako wrote in nominating Evan. “He is always willing to help where needed, has a strong Catholic Faith and is always polite and helpful. He is the oldest of four children and is a great big brother.”

Evan wanted to give a shoutout to Mrs. Szajko for nominating him along with his family and his friends from both Queen of Peace and Penn for helping him get to this point.

Congratulations Evan!

We hope you will listen to the Student of the Month interview at the link above. This is our final Student of the Month Interview for the 2020-2021 school year!