Dating in the Times of Coronavirus

Redeemer Radio executive director Cindy Black talks to newly engaged catechist Sarah Joyce about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting relationships.

Dating in the Times of Coronavirus2020-05-07T12:38:33-04:00

Public Masses to Resume in FWSB

Fr. Mark Gurtner, the vicar General and chancellor of the Diocese of Fort Wayne South Bend, talks about the Diocese plan for restarting public Masses.

Public Masses to Resume in FWSB2020-05-07T10:50:33-04:00

Praying for Football Season

What's it like to move during a pandemic with three kids under the age of 5 including a new born? Marian football coach and math teacher Michael Davidson just experienced it.

Praying for Football Season2020-05-06T08:42:20-04:00

Pretzel Partners

Brian Krider shares how his company is getting pretzels into the hands of essential workers through their "Pretzel Partners" program

Pretzel Partners2020-04-23T08:04:36-04:00

The Holy Ruckus

Josh Moldiz from The Holy Ruckus talks about how the coronavirus lockdowns have affected him and his family and given him a special opportunity to evangelize online.

The Holy Ruckus2021-03-01T11:08:51-05:00

Living Easter Joy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Fr. Jason Freiburger, pastor of St. Thomas in Elkhart, talks about how he and his parish have responded to the coronavirus pandemic and how we can all live out Easter joy even in difficult times.

Living Easter Joy During the Coronavirus Pandemic2021-03-08T16:13:05-05:00

All About Spiritual Communion

Michael Heinlein, author of The Handy Little Guide to Spiritual Communion, tell us everything we need to know about spiritual communion.

All About Spiritual Communion2020-04-17T08:58:17-04:00

Keeping the Faith with Mother Mary on Social Media

Theresa and Dave Thomas share their own experiences with parenting and keeping the faith in the coronavirus pandemic, plus they tell us about hosting a Facebook group for Catholics dedicated to Mother Mary.

Keeping the Faith with Mother Mary on Social Media2020-04-17T08:48:21-04:00
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