Hear about Sts. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, plus how Servant of God Emil Kapaun’s remains have finally come home, and a litany of saints who turned their lives around.

On Ave Explores (airing from 7:06-7:33am ET), Sarah Christmyer, contributor of The Ave Catholic Notetaking Bible, discusses how she grew to love Scripture and explains how reading the New Testament, especially the Gospels, helps us to know Jesus fully.

Let Love (airing from 7:39-8:18am ET) takes a look at the second part of Chapter 1 of The Gospel of Life, talking about how we can let Love give us a true vision of reality and about how we can only understand ourselves in light of God.

Today’s Daily Mass readings (airing from 8:23-8:26am ET) come from Daniel 7, Psalm 138, and John 1.

Thinking Faith (airing from 8:32-9:14am ET) begins a series of talks delivered by Dr. Brett Salkeld to the teachers of the Huron-Perth Catholic School Division.

Bishop Rhodes at a press conference (airing from 9:17-9:39am ET) earlier this week on recent news from our Diocese.

On Pilgrim Soul (airing from 9:45-10:26am ET), Theoretical physicist Dr. Steve Barr joins Sofia on the podcast for a conversation about faith and science.

On Counsel of Trent (airing from 10:29-11:18am ET), Trent examines a recent video from Fr. Casey Cole and critiques his claims that the Gospels are “theology, not history.”

On Pints with Jack (airing from 11:23am-12:20pm ET), The Tolkien Road podcast joins David to talk about episodes on J.R.R. Tolekin’s Christian influence and to encourage the Pints With Jack listeners to listen to them.

Truth in Charity (airing from 12:23-1:00pm ET) has Bishop Rhodes sharing on Heaven.