Hear about Bl. Anton Martin Slomshek and Pope St. Paul VI, plus the launch of this year’s national 40 Days for Life campaign, and lessons on prayer from Pope Francis.

On They That Hope (airing from 7:06-7:38am ET), Fr. Dave and Bob celebrate one year of They That Hope by doing what they always do: talking about sports, culture, and faith. Specifically, baseball, the Emmys, and St. Vincent de Paul.

On Catholic Games (airing from 7:44-8:09am ET) Edmund Mitchell has to identify which is Real + True.Also hear about the coolest thing that has happened to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The Daily Mass readings (airing from 8:14-8:18am ET) come from Hagai 2, Psalm 43, and Luke 9.

Living Stones (airing from 8:24-8:51am ET) returns to a discussion of Evangelium Vitae at paragraph 91 by discussing the purpose of marriage and the mission of parents.

Counsel of Trent (airing from 8:54-9:37am ET) discusses with Jacque (a Catholic) and Megan (a Protestant) on how Christians can better discuss their different theologies with one another.

Pints with Aquinas (airing from 9:43-10:51am ET) debates with Protestant, Cameron Bertuzzi, whether or not praying to the saints in heaven is Biblical.

On Outside the Walls (airing from 10:54-11:55am ET), Dr. Jared Ortiz, Executive Director & Co-Founder of the Saint Benedict Institute, joins us to talk about their work and the importance of growing in both the intellectual life and the sacramental life.

Doctor Doctor (airing from 12:00-1:00pm ET) shares why our bodies matter and some of the ways modern laws and systems disregard their importance.