Hear about Our Lady of the Rosary, Pope Francis’ teaching about what true freedom means, and pray a decade of the rosary in honor of the feast day.

Catholic Bytes (airing 7:06-7:20am EST) shares practical tips for apologetics.

On You Were Born For This (airing 7:26-7:52am EST), Fr. John and Mary liken God’s Word in its capacity to give hope and encouragement to how Radio Free Europe did the same for those living behind the Iron Curtain.

The Daily Mass readings (airing 7:57-8:02am EST) come from Malachi 3, Psalm 1, Luke 11.

Outside the Walls (airing 8:08-9:07am EST) talks about Dante, the place of poetry in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, and discuss how an individual may benefit from both the reading and writing of poetry.

Thinking Faith (airing 9:13-10:18am EST) continues a four-part series of talks given by Dr. Brett Salkeld to the teachers of the Huron Perth School Division.

On Pilgrim Soul (airing 10:21-11:00am EST), Adrianna and Sofia discuss wounds, both spiritual and psychological, through the lenses of their own journeys of healing and Sofia’s research.

On Poco a Poco (airing 11:05-11:48am EST), hear Week 2 of a series on A 30-Day Personal Retreat with the Litany of Trust, by Sr. Faustina Maria Pia, S.V.

Building Through Him (airing 11:51am-12:29pm EST) shares on being made in God’s image and likeness on every day – both good and bad.

On Ten Thousand Places (airing 12:32-1:00pm EST), what exactly is baptism for, and what is it supposed to do? Is there any historical or biblical basis for Catholic baptismal practices? And what do Catholics believe about baptism, anyway? Tune in for answers to these questions and more.