Bishop Baron’s Sermons (airing 2:06-2:22am EST), Bishop talks about the Gospel from October 20th, the marvelous story of the healing of blind Bartimaeus—an icon of tremendous power and a sacred picture of the spiritual life and the process of salvation. We all find ourselves, in our need of Christ, in this image, as our own blindness distorts our vision of spiritual reality and the meaning of life.

The Daughters’ Project (airing 2:28-3:10AM EST) discusses prayer: How do you pray? How often do you pray? What are your joys, struggles, and desires in prayer? Where to start if you don’t know how? Join Fr. Harrison Ayre, Sr. Aletheia, and Sr. Nancy as they reflect on prayer as a gift from God that is always available to us, and share practical ways we can respond to this awesome gift as members of Christ’s body.

The Daily Mass Readings (airing 3:13-3:16am EST) for October 25, 2021 are from Romans 8:12-17; Psalms 68:2 AND 4, 6-7AB, 20-21; and Luke 13:10-17.

The Simple Reminder with Pat Lencioni (airing 3:16-3:24am EST): Some of life’s greatest gifts are wrapped in packaging we don’t expect.

The Messy Family Podcast (airing 3:30-4:13am EST), features a conversation on Spiritual Freedom for Parents, with Matt & Jenn Lozanowe, who talk about recognizing the lies that we believe, renouncing them, and choosing the good.  So many of us believe lies from our past which keep us trapped in a “small story” but when we allow Jesus to free us, He brings us into a larger story, the story of truth.

On Saint Dymphna’s Playbook (airing 4:16-4:36am EST), Tommy talks about the idea of wanting to see a Catholic therapist, introduces listeners to Blessed Claudio Granzotto, and answers listener questions about how to take care of our mental health with all the bad news around us, why those of us with ADHD seem to engage in impulsive behavior, and how to help those around us understand our mental health experience and needs.

Pints with Aquinas (airing 4:42-5:25am EST) is a check-in after three months without a smart phone – how has it been?

Godsplaining (airing 5:28-6:02am EST) is a discussion between Fr. Jacob Bertrand Janczyk and Fr. Patrick Briscoe about the film Beautiful Boy starring Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet.

Renovo (airing 6:05-6:32am EST) episode 244 is about Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente, and why he was the greatest.

This week’s episode of Church Life Today (airing 6:35-7:16am EST), the University of Notre Dame’s Dr. Kati Macaluso, who works to form other teachers at their Institute for Educational Initiatives, discusses her essay titled “New Pathways for Catholic Schools After the Pandemic”.

This week’s episode of The Sandwich Generation (airing 7:19-8:00am EST) features Dr. Catherine Godfrey-Howell discussing how doing the right thing requires much thoughtful and prayerful effort. It is especially difficult when we are making decisions for other people, which is something we do all the time in the sandwich generation! In this privileged position we alone are responsible for forming and following our conscience. Parental authority comes from the Creator Himself and cannot be abrogated, and should be supported.

From bulldog Catholic (airing 10:06-10:28m EST), hear FR. Mike Schmitz’s homily from Sunday, October 24, 2021: Learning To Lose: Get Up. Life is about losing, it’s not about quitting.

On Let Love: The Gospel of Life (airing 10:34-11:09am EST) Sr. Mariae Agnus Dei, SV and Sr. Marie Veritas, SV expand upon the first part of Chapter 3 of The Gospel of Life by sharing about the incredible privilege of walking with a woman who is pregnant, how to receive and accompany her heart, and how we can let Love turn a crisis into an invitation to newness.
The Daily Mass Readings (airing 11:12-11:15am EST) for October 27, 2021 are from Romans 8:26-30; Psalms 13:4-5, 6; and Like 13:22-30.
The Feminine Genius Podcast (airing 11:21am-12:13pm EST) features Chenele sharing her story of deepening her faith, being a champion for mental health awareness and racial reconciliation, and why it’s important to have those difficult conversations to foster true human fraternity. “We are all trying to eradicate a sin and replace it with a virtue, so let’s all be on the same page.” When she was younger, Chenele Shaw saw something in her peers that piqued her curiosity. After making some poor choices in her past, she made a conscious decision to reform her life and turn to God. This initial yes helped her grow in relationship with God and give witness to true human fraternity and she does this through groups like The Human Condition Community and Before Gethsemane Initiative.
Pints with Aquinas (airing 12:16-1:48pm EST) discusses how Eastern and Western Christians can mutually enrich each other, with Fr. Jason Charron.
At The Table with Patrick Lencioni (airing 1:51-3:16pm EST) is this podcast’s 100th episode: Pat and Cody are back with an important reminder. Go ahead, enter the danger.
In this week’s episode of Truth in Charity (airing 3:19-4:00pm EST), Bishop Rhoades of the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese talks about a special Mass he celebrates every year for those in the law profession as well as those who serve in public office, called the Red Mass. And this year, in his homily, he shares a story about a young Sicilian judge who courageously dealt with Mafia criminal activity in the 1980s and was later assassinated. Hear more about Blessed Rosario Livatino in this episode. The show wraps up with a shift from the legal profession to the Commandments and this Sunday’s Gospel reading about the Greatest Commandment.

On this week’s episode of Doctor, Doctor (airing 4:00-5:00pm EST) features multiple discussions about religious freedom in healthcare. First, physician assistant Megan Kreft from Portland, OR talks about how she found a place to practice medicine and honor her conscience after she was fired for her religious beliefs. Then Louis Brown, J.D., Executive Director of Christ Medicus Foundation and former HHS Office of Civil Rights official, joins the doctors to talk about the importance of religious freedom for healthcare providers and how CMF Curo works to educate lawmakers to understand and uphold conscience rights. And finally, Dr. Stephen White, the chair of Healthcare Policy for the Catholic Medical Association, talks about how the CMA advocates for healthcare providers.

Saint Stories for Kids (airing 5:06-5:11pm EST) talks about visiting cemeteries during Hallowtide. But when you visit…make sure you don’t overstay your welcome. Listen now to hear St Macarius’ story!

Ave Spotlight (airing 5:17-5:40pm EST) discusses the best day of the year! The amazing Meg-Hunter Kilmer talks about All Saints Day and many of her heavenly friends. Check out this episode and meet a new saint friend.

The Daily Mass Readings (airing 5:43-5:46pm EST) for October 26, 2021 are from Romans 8:18-25; Psalms 126:1B-2AB, 2CD-3, 4-5, 6; and Luke 13:18-21.

Pilgrim Soul (airing 5:52-6:34pm EST) features a conversation between Giuliana and Sofia about mercy, “love’s second name.” How does God’s mercy reach us in our everyday lives, particularly in our sins and failings? What do our experiences of God’s mercy mean for our relationships with others? What are the fruits of seeking and extending forgiveness?

Abiding Together (airing 6:37-7:28pm EST) completes its four part series on the identity of daughter. Discussions include the full redemption God desires for his daughters emotionally, spiritually, sexually, and in a particular way as women, physically through our bodies and beauty; the practice of repentance and declaring the truth about ourselves, body and soul. Their prayer is that you would allow Christ to bring your whole self into communion with him in your identity as daughter so you may grow into a sister, a mother and a bride.

Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World (airing 7:34-9:37pm EST) features Dr. Edwin May, who worked on the U.S. government’s Star Gate Program, which involved a psychic power known as Remote Viewing, eventually becoming head of the project until its end. Jimmy Akin talks to Dr. May about how he became involved and what he has learned in his unique career.

The Word on Fire Show (airing 9:40-10:40pm EST) is a Q&A session between Bishop Barron and Maronite clergy following a talk he shared on the priesthood. In the Q&A, he answered several questions, including: Did Adam love Eve for the sake of God? What is Mary’s role in Jacob’s ladder? Do you have practical advice for people feeling confined by their vocation? How should we pick our battles as we wrestle with the world? How do you approach the concept of free will and reconcile it with our slavery to God? What practical steps can we take in our parishes to keep people from disaffiliating from the Church?

On this week’s episode of Morning Jolt (airing 10:43-11:00pm EST) Sister Ignatia sits down with her 6-year old nephew for a quick chat about why he prays.