The Popecast (airing 7:06-7:53am EST) is about a pope that needs no introduction, being one of the finest men to ever grace the Chair of St. Peter, but he does need a long episode to tell the whole tale of his long and eventful life. October 22 – the day that this episode is being released – is this man’s feast day and the anniversary of the 1978 inauguration of his papacy, so raise a glass (or a pierogi) for one of the greatest of all pontiffs.

Living Stones (airing 7:59-8:26am EST) features Ken and Deacon Harold returning to their discussion of Evangelium Vitae in Chapter 4, paragraph 78. They reflect on their summer travels, why proclaiming the Gospel is proclaiming life, and the vital importance of sound doctrine in Catholic institutions.

The Daily Mass Readings (airing 8:29-8:32am EST) for October 29, 2021 are from Romans 9:1-5; Psalms 147:12-13, 14-15, 19-20; and Luke 14:1-6.

Pints with Aquinas (airing 8:38-9:38am EST) features Fr. Pine answering questions on all things death: what to expect in death, how to understand death as Christians, how death is both natural and unnatural, and more!

On The Counsel of Trent (airing 9:41-10:02am EST), Trent reveals three bad ways to answer mythicism, or the view that Jesus never existed.

Outside The Walls (airing 10:08-11:07am EST) features a discussion with Kristin Putnam about Catholics being Pro-Life. This is a consistent tenet of the faith. Her pro-life position, however, doesn’t begin and end with the unborn. Rather, our advocacy for the unborn flows out of our belief in the Dignity of the Human Person made in the image and likeness of God.

The Exodus 90 Show (airing 11:10-11:56am EST) is about time in prayer. Feeling like you can avoid going to the chapel to pray today because the calendar shows that there’s a tomorrow? One encounter with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist could change your life forever. A daily encounter with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist will change your life—and the lives of those around you—forever. This episode includes a sit down with Andrew Nobauer of Canada based collegiate ministry, Catholic Christian Outreach. He shares not only his experience of Exodus 90, but also his experience of conversion after an encounter he had with our Lord in the Eucharist. Then in the fervorino we get real practical on why we should be praying for an hour every day as men.

On this week’s episode of Doctor, Doctor (airing 12:00-1:00pm EST) features multiple discussions about religious freedom in healthcare. First, physician assistant Megan Kreft from Portland, OR talks about how she found a place to practice medicine and honor her conscience after she was fired for her religious beliefs. Then Louis Brown, J.D., Executive Director of Christ Medicus Foundation and former HHS Office of Civil Rights official, joins the doctors to talk about the importance of religious freedom for healthcare providers and how CMF Curo works to educate lawmakers to understand and uphold conscience rights. And finally, Dr. Stephen White, the chair of Healthcare Policy for the Catholic Medical Association, talks about how the CMA advocates for healthcare providers.