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From Friday’s Podcast Block, On They That Hope (airing 1:06-1:45am EST), Fr. Dave and Bob talk about sports and movies, finding peace amidst the busyness, and what they love about St. John XXIII and Vatican II.

Catholic Sprouts (airing 1:51-1:59am EST) discusses Saint Theresa of Avila.

The Daily Mass readings (airing 2:02-2:05am EST) come from Romans 4, Psalm 32, and Luke 12.

On Catholicism With My Kid (airing 2:11-2:20am EST), Sebastian and Kyle talk about the “Hail Mary” prayer and where it comes from.

On Living Stones (airing 2:23-2:50am EST), Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and Ken Hallenius are joined again by filmmaker Michael McGlinn. They discuss Eucharistic Adoration and Michael’s newest project: Adore Him Daily.

On Counsel of Trent (airing 2:56-3:12am EST), Trent sits down with fellow Catholic Answers apologist and author of Pope Peter, Joe Heschmeyer, to discuss an argument for the papacy most people have never heard.

On Pints with Aquinas (airing 3:15am-6:00am EST), writer Suan Sonna drops by the studio to chat about his Baptist upbringing, his initial embrace of leftist politics, and what led him to become a Catholic.

On Doctor Doctor (airing 6:00-7:00am EST), Dr. David Usher, a family physician who specializes in weight loss and healthy eating, gives a lesson on fat, cholesterol, and the most pervasive myths about healthy eating.

From Monday’s Podcast Block, Bishop Barron’s Sunday Sermons (airing 9:06-9:20am EST) calls us as the Church into radical change.

On The Daughter’s Project (airing 9:26-10:13am EST), hear about what it means to be Christians who live out the mystery of Christ and bring Him to others, and how the Liturgy of the Eucharist draws us deeper into this sublime reality and mission.

The Daily Mass readings (airing 10:16-10:19am EST) come from Romans 1, Psalm 98, and Luke 11.

Pints with Jack (airing 10:25-11:11am EST) wraps up their fourth season with this second part of their season finale.

The Renovo Podcast (airing 11:14-11:43am EST) shares a healthy take on the Latin Mass and Pope Francis’ recent letter regarding it.

Counsel of Trent (airing 11:49am-12:16pm EST) talks about the consistency of treating Jesus and Mary as they should be, and defends the Faith from the teachings of Mike Winger.

Ethics and Culture Cast (airing 12:16-12:45pm EST) interviews Kirk Doran of the University of Notre Dame.

On St. Dymphna’s Playbook (airing 12:48-1:08pm EST), Tommy talks about a mental health app created by college students, introduces listeners to Saint Rose of Viterbo, and answers listener questions.

Godsplaining (airing 1:08-1:43pm EST) reflects on the Battle of Lepanto and the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

On Catholicism with my Kid (airing 1:43-1:55pm EST), Frank joins Kyle to discuss one of the most popular parables in the Bible.

Church Life Today (airing 1:58-2:24pm EST) talks with Eric Buell on education and the story of his life.

Sandwich Generation (2:27-3:00pm EST) sits down to talk about helping others who are loving their own loved ones through illness or stress.

From Thursday’s Podcast Block, Catholic Bytes (airing 3:06-3:17pm EST) asks us the question of where are we going with our lives.

On You Were Born For This (airing 3:23-3:43pm EST), Fr. John and Mary talk about the encouraging reality that is the communion of saints and that they’re not simply watching us from afar, but rather praying for us and cheering us on.

The Daily Mass readings (airing 3:46-3:51pm EST) come from Romans 3, Psalm 130, and Luke 11.

On Catholicism With My Kid (airing 3:51-3:59pm EST), Sebastian and Kyle talk about the lost sheep and why Jesus would leave 99 to rescue 1.

The Gathering Place (airing 4:05-4:46pm EST) reruns an episode featuring Jenna and Beth as they talk all things Jesus with special guest Michael Miller from Upperroom in Dallas.

Outside the Walls (airing 4:49-5:45pm EST) answers three questions that stem from the distinction between knowing a Person and knowing a Personality.

Letters to Women (airing 5:51-6:24pm EST) shares a conversation about asking for help in the midst of suffering.

Do Something Beautiful (airing 6:27-7:00pm EST) wraps up the third part of a 3-part series on the unique and yet also universal wounds that we experience as women.

On Catholic Game Show (airing 7:00-7:21pm EST) Shaun McAfee plays a game about Saints who are the patrons of something health or sickness related.

Poco a Poco (airing 7:24-8:02pm EST) continues to week 3 of a series on A 30-Day Personal Retreat with the Litany of Trust, by Sr. Faustina Maria Pia, S.V.

Building Through Him (airing 8:05-8:22pm EST) talks about how the Rosary is a weapon in our spiritual lives.

On Ten Thousand Places (airing 8:25-9:00pm EST), our intrepid podcasters have all been shaped by the fiction they have read. Tune in to hear what the most impactful works of fiction were in their lives.