In They That Hope (airing 7:06-7:45am ET), Fr. Dave and Dcn. Bob talk about cheating at chess, the feast of St. Francis, and being “imitators” of other disciples and saints.

In Catholic Sprouts (airing 7:50-7:58am ET), Nancy talks about praying the rosary.

In Saint Dymphna’s Playbook (airing 8:04-8:28am ET), Tommy answers listener questions about Relationship OCD, how to go about finding a good therapist, and how to help a spouse whose anxiety and panic keeps them from Mass.

In Sunday Homilies with Fr. Mike Schmitz (airing 8:33-9:00am ET), he reflects on the theme Growing Through the Motions” and how “Our Why is a Who.”

In Poco a Poco (airing 9:03-10:00am ET), we hear the fifth part of a series on Hungry For God by Dr. Ralph Martin.

In All Things Women’s Health (airing 10:05-10:58am ET), Counselor Amber Todd and Dr. Chris Stroud talk about the physical and mental circumstances that lead many women and men to experience mental health issues before and after having a new baby.

In Catholic Bytes (airing 11:01-11:13am ET), the fathers reflect on how Jesus is like us in all things except sin, which means he can actually relate to us and understand us.

In The Cordial Catholic (airing 11:20-12:29pm ET), former Protestant pastor Keith Nester how the rosary is a Bible study, a sermon series, and a recounting of the life of Christ that we can enter into again and again, each time discovering new fruits from God.

In Living Stones (airing 12:32-1:00pm ET), Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and Ken Hallenius discuss understanding. One of the lesser discussed gifts of the Holy Spirit.