In You Were Born for This (airing 7:06-7:32am ET), Fr. John and Mary talk about the overwhelming need in the Church to recover what it means to be human.

In Catholic Sprouts (airing 7:37-7:44am ET), Nancy talks about praying the rosary.

In Building Through Him (airing 7:50-8:00am ET), Mary Jo shares a “Little Love Note” about temptation.

In Ave Explores (airing 8:06-9:00am ET), Fr. Sean Kilcawley, director of the Office of Family Life in the Diocese of Lincoln, explains that healing is the process of allowing Jesus to look upon us with love and acceptance.

In Outside the Walls (airing 9:03-10:00am ET), JonMarc Grodi talks about the continual call to conversion that leads us to a life of virtue.

In The Feminine Genius (airing 10:00-10:21am ET), Rachel gives an update on her life and why she’s ending the show! (But remember you can always find the full archive of her conversations with amazing Catholic women on Spoke Street!)

In Blessed Is She (airing 10:21-10:44am ET), Beth continues reflecting on Psalm 23, about the Good Shepherd, focusing this time on how God cares for us in our own “green pastures.”

In Restore the Glory (airing 10:47-11:40am ET), Jake and Bob discuss how to restore trust in broken areas of a marriage and give practicals for how reconciliation is possible for anyone who is willing.

In Catholic Stuff You Should Know (airing 11:46-12:27pm ET), Fr. John & Fr. Sean discuss Luigi Giussani’s addresses, “To Give One’s Life for the Work of Another” and his idea of the “Five Withouts”.

In Truth in Charity (airing 12:30-1:00pm ET), Bishop shares some highlights from his homily at the Jubilee Anniversary Masses in the diocese and what he has seen that makes marriages thrive.