In Let Love (airing 7:06-7:42am ET), Sr. Agnus Dei and Sr. Mary Grace chat about “getting in the zone” for prayer.

In Catholic Sprouts (airing 7:47-7:55am ET), Nancy talks about praying the rosary.

In American Catholic History (airing 8:01-8:22am ET), Tom and Noelle tell the story of Biship Simon Brute, first bishop of Vincennes, Indiana, a famed intellectual and missionary, and a simple man of deep faith and very humble with a lasting impact.

In At the Table (airing 8:28-9:00am ET), Pat, Beau and Karen discuss why investing in org health is the best way to prepare for difficult times, and list four practical things any team can do right now.

In The Messy Family Podcast (airing 9:03-10:00am ET), Mike and Alicia talk about some of the importance of forgiveness.

In Snacking with the Saints (airing 10:05-10:33am ET), Lena and Andrea tell the origin story of the show and how they hope their own love for the saints can help others know that no matter what, holiness is possible and there are friends in heaven to help us get there.

In After the Homily (airing 10:36-11:25am ET), Fr. Dan and Dr. Stroud talk about the humble origins of the Oratory of St Mary Magdalene Adoration Chapel in Fort Wayne, the planning that went into the architecture, and how decisions were made for each design detail from the windows to the tree decorations and more.

In The Paul George Show (airing 11:31-12:30pm ET), Paul and Dcn. Adam talk about how friendship and community can help men thrive.

In The Pillar In-Depth (airing 12:33-1:00pm ET), Kate highlights the work of one maternity home in Chicago and two women who have benefited from its service.