The Daily Refill for Monday, November 8, 2021 (airing throughout the day) includes Saint. Peter Wu, Sister Raffaella, a Fireman reading a book, and Chris Pratt.

Bishop Baron’s Sermons (airing 7:06-7:20am EST) is from November 3, 2021. A connection with God leads to life and flourishing. When we sever that connection, we experience a drought similar to the one in our first reading today. The Lord responds to our needs, so trust in His providence, and He will not abandon you.

On Living Stones (airing 7:26-7:54am EST), Ken and Deacon Harold return to their discussion of Evangelium Vitae with paragraph 88. They reflect on ways to build up the culture of life, conscience formation, and the difference between the common good and popular opinion.

The Daily Mass Readings (airing 7:59-8:03am EST) for Monday, November 8, 2021 are from Wisdom 1:1-7; Psalm 139:1b-3, 4-6, 7-8, 9-10; and Luke 17:1-6.

On Pints with Jack (airing 8:09-9:19am EST), join Andrew, David, and Matt as they begin reading “The Four Loves” by C.S. Lewis. In this book, Lewis examines love and distinguishes between its many different kinds.

Renovo (airing 9:22-9:59am EST) discusses opinion, belief, and conviction: these three get confused and used interchangeably…lets clear the air.

Follow to Lead (airing 10:05-10:58am EST) hosts Meg Hunter-Kilmer, who describes her apostolate as being a Hobo for Christ. She is an author and speaker who, after 5 years as a full-time religion teacher, quit her job and packed everything into the trunk of her car to drive around the country and fly around the world as a hobo missionary. Since June 2012, she has traveled the country and internationally, speaking to anyone who’ll listen about the goodness of God, Catholic apologetics, Christian morality, and the life of prayer.

On Saint Dymphna’s Playbook (airing 11:01-11:18am EST), Tommy talks about the how to use social media in a way that protects our mental health, introduces listeners to Blessed Bartholomew of Vicenza, and answers listener questions about how to maintain our mental health when the news is so negative, how we should deal with our consumer-driven society as Catholics, and how a Godparent can help a a child with autism grow closer to Christ.

On Godsplaining (airing 11:23-11:54am EST), Fr. Gregory Pine and Fr. Jacob Bertrand Janczyk discuss God’s love for us and whether or not he loves some people more than others.

On this week’s episode of Church Life Today (airing 11:57am-12:25pm EST) is the topic of Catholic Innovation. It is easy to bemoan the problems in the Church; it is harder to take the initiative to heal and renew the life of the Church, and to sacrifice for that renewal with all your own creativity and passion. But that is exactly what the Our Sunday Visitor Institute for Catholic Innovation is calling forth from leaders in the Church today. They want to help visionaries become the innovators who discover new means of evangelization and who revitalize the faithful’s responsibility for proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ. Dr. Matt Smith directs strategic alliances for the OSV Institute for Catholic Innovation, and today he joins me to talk about the tradition of innovation and its timeliness in the life of the Church today, while also highlighting some of the specific initiatives he and his team are working to develop to foster a culture of innovation for the Church.

On this week’s episode of The Sandwich Generation (airing 12:28-1:00pm EST), Megan Rogers, a volunteer supervisor for the Northwest Region of SHIP, a federally-funded service staffed by over 400 volunteers in the State of Indiana, provides unbiased information and assistance on Medicare which is something that affects everyone age 65 and over. Learn how to get the care you and health insurance coverage your loved ones need and maybe even save money in the process.