Bishop Baron’s Sermons (airing 2:06-2:20am EST) relates that God is not satisfied to be in the background of your life. The Lord your God is the Lord alone, so love him with everything you’ve got—your whole heart, your whole soul, and all your strength.

In The Counsel of Trent (airing 2:26-2:43am EST), Trent examines the faulty claims of “prosperity preachers” like Kenneth Copeland who promise to wealth to Christians who tithe (to their ministries).

The Daily Mass Readings (airing 2:46-2:53am EST) for Monday, November 1, 2021 are from Revelation 7:2-4, 9-14; Psalm 24; First John 3:1-3; and Matthew 5:1-12a.

The Messy Family Podcast (airing 2:59-3:53am EST) features a contuination of the conversation on spiritual freedom with Matt and Jen Lozano from Heart of the Father Ministries. Matt and Jen walk us through the process of defining the lies of the enemy and breaking their power over us, beginning with repentance and forgiveness. Then, we have to renounce these lies, just like we do in confession, and engage in the grace that is there for us. Last we need to receive the blessing of the Father, which is the deepest longing of our hearts.

Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World (airing 3:56-4:56am EST) answers questions from patrons on topics such as FTL travel, crying, the Eye of Sahara, the Shroud of Turin, St. Brendan the Navigator, and more.

Pints with Aquinas (airing 5:02-5:40am EST) is a live talk on St. Thomas Aquinas and the Unnatural Law, with Dr. Scott Hahn.

In Saint Dymphna’s Playbook (airing 5:43-6:08am EST), Tommy talks about the how to get our prayer life back on track in the context of mental health symptoms, introduces listeners to Blessed Frédéric Ozanam, and answers listener questions about how the Church can better love people when mental health struggles impact their faith, how to address the need to walk out of Mass due to anxiety, and how to cope with a roommate who may have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Godsplaining (airing 6:11-6:42am EST) is Fr. Patrick Briscoe and Fr. Jacob Bertrand Janczyk talking about the occult, divination, magic, and demons during the Halloween season.

On this week’s episode of Church Life Today (airing 6:45-7:25am EST), Meg Hunter-Kilmer talks about Saints. She has no time for bland, stale stories of saints, as she is too busy reveling in the wild and diverse beauty of holy people. When their stories have not been told well, she seeks after the heart of their story and waits to see the drama, the glory, the full-fledged humanity that others have missed – and then she tells their stories.

On this week’s episode of The Sandwich Generation (airing 7:28-8:00am EST), DK Raymer gives good advice for restoring ourselves and our communities after a crisis, and encourages people to ask for whatever help they need.

From bulldog Catholic (airing 10:06-10:23am EST), hear Fr. Mike Schmitz’s Homily from Sunday, November 1, 2021 for the Solemnity of All Saints: the day the Church has given us to celebrate and honor what God has done in the lives of the countless people He has redeemed and sanctified.

Student of the Month (airing 10:29-10:43am EST) features Jeremy and Alison Sapp, twin siblings at Goshen High School and parishioners of St. John the Evangelist.

The Daily Mass Readings (airing 10:46-10:50am EST) for Wednesday, November 3, 2021 are from Romans 13:8-10; Psalm 112:1b-2, 4-5, 9; and Luke 14:25-33.

On Let Love: The Gospel of Life (airing 10:56-11:39am EST), Sr. Mariae Agnus Dei, SV and Sr. Marie Veritas, SV expand upon Chapter 3 of The Gospel of Life, and talk about how we can let Love into one of the most vulnerable times of life: the end of life. They break open the reality of treating the whole person, the Christian view of death and dying, the sacred gift of the person, the Christian meaning of human suffering, the freedom to love, and the power of vulnerability and compassionate presence.

Ave Explores (airing 11:42am-12:22pm EST) features Shannon Schmidt, a pastoral associate in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, who discusses how working in parish ministry has taught her the value of listening and meeting people where they are in order to provide them with what they need.

The Popecast (airing 12:28-1:07pm EST) is joined by JD Flynn and Michelle La Rosa from The PIllar to tackle one of the saltiest and most recent papal conspiracy theories – one of the doozies in pretty much the whole history of the Catholic Church. A half-century ago a pope reigned for a mere 33 days. Was it all just a strange coincidence, or was there something more nefarious afoot?

Paul George (airing 1:10-2:08pm EST) is about Shell Sword, Saint Pope John Paul II, and companions.

Pints with Jack (airing 2:11-2:59pm EST) features a discussion on “The Most Reluctant Convert”, which will be released in cinemas on November 3, 2021. This movie is based on the play by “The Fellowship of Performing Arts” and Lewis’ own spiritual autobiography, “Surprised By Joy”, which chronicles his journey to Christianity. Dr. Devin Brown was invited to write the Study Guide for the movie so he came on this episode to talk about it.

On this week’s episode of Truth in Charity (airing 3:02-4:00pm EST), Bishop talks about two 16th-century saints that we remember this week: St. Martin de Porres and St. Charles Borremeo., and about how both lived simples lives, and how they serve as models for living the faith today. Then it’s on to these listener-submitted questions: Bone records and fossils have shown that dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals experienced bacterial infections, bone cancers, etc. How can the effects of original sin cause the suffering of creatures that existed (and therefore suffered) millions of years prior to mankind? And, what are some opportunities for evangelization that COVID has produced?

On this week’s episode of Doctor, Doctor (airing 4:00-5:00pm EST), Surgical oncologist Dr. Jennifer Perone shares the most important information we need to know about breast cancer, including the biggest risk factors, prevention, and the latest advances in treatment.

Being Human (airing 5:06-5:25pm EST) is about Halloween, Haiti, and Spiritual Warfare. Topics covered include the reality of spiritual warfare; how to support Fr. Louis’ parish and community in Haiti; the authority given by Christ to the Church; the authority of exorcists and the authority given to all Christians at baptism; who the enemy is; what exorcisms are; and the difference between exorcism and prayers of liberation/deliverance.

Ave Spotlight (airing 5:31-5:58pm EST) is about All Souls’ Day; Memento Mori means “remember your death”. In this interview, Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP shares with us how living every day with death in mind actually helps you to live more fully.

The Daily Mass Readings (airing 6:01-6:07pm EST) for Tuesday, November 2, 2021 are from Wisdom 3:1-9; Psalm 23:1-3a, 3b-4, 5, 6; Romans 5:5-11; and John 6:37-40.

The Pilgrim Soul (airing 6:13-6:57pm EST) features Giuliana and Adrianna talk about discerning the will of God. What are the essential steps in the journey of becoming more aware of God’s voice? Which fears can impede our progress? How can we lay the foundation for saying “yes” to our calling in life? And how do we discover what that calling is? Their weekly challenge is to pray for holy indifference (a complete openness to God’s will) in a decision you are currently discerning.

Abiding Together (airing 7:00-7:39pm EST) is about the scripture of the Visitation as we begin a four part series on the identity of sister – biological and spiritual. The model of speaking blessing into one another’s lives is discussed as confirming and affirming each other’s truest identity. Mary and Elizabeth needed one another’s story and resisted the temptations of comparison and competition in choosing celebration.

The Counsel of Trent (airing 7:45-9:47pm EST) is a debate about natural theology: Jay Dyer defends the claim that Christians should abandon natural theology and Trent Horn critiques that claim.

The Word on Fire Show (airing 9:50-10:18pm EST) continues their series on “Understanding Genesis.” Last time was focused on Creation, and today is focused on Adam, Eve, and the Fall. How should you understand the creation of Adam and Eve? What actually happened at the Fall? Bishop Barron and Brandon Vogt discuss. A listener asks, why would Mark end his Gospel with the women not telling the Apostles about the resurrection?

CNA Newsroom (airing 10:21-10:37pm EST) features a diary of an exorcist: Monsignor Stephen Rossetti has been an exorcist in the Archdiocese of Washington for more than a dozen years. He shares his experiences and how Catholics can avoid crossing paths with demons.

On this week’s episode of Morning Jolt (airing 10:40-11:00pm EST), Sister Ignatia talks about scrupulosity and how it can sneak into our minds, along with perfectionism, shame, forgiveness, and grace.