The Daily Refill for Tuesday, November 30, 2021 (airing throughout the day) features conversations on Saint Andrew; Sister Gloria and her kidnapping; and Nightbride’s recent small miracle.

Being Human with Dr. Greg Bottaro (airing 7:06-7:25am EST) discusses a variety of topics, including applying internal family systems to your external family and relationships; the roots of internal family systems theory and “parts work”; how Catholic Mindfulness makes space for internal family systems; learning to “sit with discomfort” and why it’s important for relationships; listening first to ourselves and then to others; the importance of curiosity and compassion in approaching others; and how having self-compassion opens the door to loving our neighbor well.

Bishop Baron’s Sermons (airing 7:31-7:46am EST) discusses how, in the context of a high school religion class, a very wise Benedictine nun gave me a template for understanding Advent that I’ve never forgotten. It is simply that Advent calls to mind three “comings” of Christ: the first in history, the second now, and the third at the end of time. Meditating upon each of these is a helpful preparation for the holy season upon which we are embarking.

Catholic Bytes (airing 7:46-7:56am EST) features a discussion on meeting Jesus in our brokenness. What is Jesus’ response to the parts of us we aren’t proud of, the parts that are broken? This episode dives into the personal prayer life of guest Katie Race and host Father Conrad to discuss how to meet Jesus in our brokenness.

The Daily Mass Readings (airing 8:01-8:05am EST) for Tuesday, November 30, 2021 are from Romans 10:9-18; Psalm 19:8, 9, 10, 11; and Matthew 4:18-22.

The Gathering Place (airing 8:11-8:44am EST) discusses returning to a simpler life and a simpler time, returning to the basics to create more space for the Lord.

The Abiding Together Podcast (airing 8:47-9:32am EST) features an interview with with Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, who relates the story of his amazing ministry Mary’s Meals. Magnus shares how a personal conversion at Medjugorje led him to helping refugees in Bosnia, and how meeting a child named Edward in Malawi was the beginning of feeding 2 million children a day.

In Ave Spotlight (airing 9:38-10:03am EST), Sister Dolores Carmel Benitez shares her story of discernment and how she responded to God’s call: discernment can be both a blessing and a challenge.

Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World (airing 10:06-10:53am EST) features Cy Kellett of Catholic Answers Live asking Jimmy Akin more weird questions from listeners, including whether Indy would have died opening the Ark; was Emily Blunt murdering Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow; where did Jesus Y chromosome come from; and more.

The Word on Fire Show (airing 10:58-11:30am EST) continues their series on how to understand Genesis by discussing Abraham and Isaac. Learn about these two pivotal figures in salvation history, and hear the answer to a listener question: where can I learn more about God’s non-competitive transcendence?

Outside the Walls (airing 11:33am-12:29pm EST) features a discussion with Shannon K. Evans, the author of Rewilding Motherhood. Drawn from the contemplative Catholic tradition and Evans’s own parenting experience, Rewilding Motherhood helps women deepen their connection to God through practices inherent to the life they’re living now. Topics include work-life balance, identity, solitude, patience, household work, and mission for the common good. Throughout, Evans encourages women to see motherhood as an opportunity to discover a vibrant feminine spirituality and a deeper knowledge of God and self.

This Tuesday’s episode of Morning Jolt (airing 12:32-1:00pm EST) is an encore presentation of Sister Ignatia’s conversation with Father Gabriel Emmanuel, CFR, about Damascus Missions.