The Daily Refill for Wednesday, November 17, 2021 (airing throughout the day) features Saint Elizabeth of Hungary; the national Bishop’s meeting; and tips for when a loved one is dying.

From bulldog Catholic (airing 7:06-7:28am EST), Father Mike Schmitz’s homily for Sunday, November 14, 2021 is entitled Always Forward. Never Back. and speaks to obstacles in our daily journey. In that encounter with obstacles, we will be tempted to go back. But it is necessary to ask “what is God asking of me right now?”

Let Love: The Gospel of Life (airing 7:34-8:10am EST) asks, how is God calling you to love? How is He calling you to bring life to this world? Sister Mariae Agnus Dei, SV and Sister Marie Veritas, SV look at the second part of Chapter 4 of The Gospel of Life, and talk about how the love of each person is unique and unrepeatable, and about the different ways that we can let Love build a culture of life in and through us.

The Daily Mass Readings (airing 8:15-8:21am EST) for Wednesday, November 17, 2021 are from Second Maccabees 7:1, 20-31; Psalm 17:1bcd, 5-6, 8b and 15; and Luke 19:11-28.

The Gathering Place (airing 8:27-9:07am EST) is all about simplicity, and features Leana Bowler talking all about And Hay Became Holy, Advent, and healing.

Ave Explores (airing 9:10-9:42am EST) features Scott Boyle, associate director of recruitment and formation for the Notre Dame Echo and Notre Dame Vision programs, who discusses how these week-long summer camps at the University of Notre Dame are life-changing experiences for thousands of young people who have learned to share their faith through authentic storytelling and witness.

The Counsel of Trent (airing 9:48-10:11am EST) is an “open mailbag episode” during which Trent answers his patron’s questions about a wide variety of subjects from theological questions to contempory issues such as Antiochian popes, Santa, Calvinism, crucifix concerns, or pineapple on pizza.

The Paul George Show (airing 10:14-11:10am EST) discusses topics such as sharks are not goldfish; admitting you’re wrong; and Christ the King.

Pints with Jack (airing 11:15am-12:15pm EST) begins a discussion on Chapter 2 of The Four Loves, which is entitled Likings and loves of the sub-human. This chapter will be read over the course of three episodes, and in this episode Lewis examines the subject of pleasure and distinguishes Need-pleasures and Pleasures of Appreciation.

On this week’s episode of Truth in Charity (airing 12:18-1:00pm EST), Bishop Rhoades of the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese discusses kingly prophecies, and Christ the King of the universe.