In Let Love (7:03-7:41am ET), the sisters talk about what it means to live in right relationship with others, and how we can let Love free us to live true to who we are, to others, and to God..

In Catholic Sprouts (7:46-7:53am ET), guest-host Monica, who is president of, helps us explore the human body and what our bodies teach us about ourselves.

In American Catholic History (7:59-8:26am ET), Tom and Noëlle tell us about St. John Neumann was the first male American saint. They explain how this diminutive priest took a leap of faith by coming to the US from Europe to be a priest for His people. He eventually became bishop of Philadelphia, and along the way gained a reputation for holiness in bringing Christ through word and deed.

In At the Table (8:25-8:58am ET), Pat, Beau and Tracy discuss why it’s good to talk about our personal challenges at work, and how to do it safely.

In Messy Family (9:03am-9:54am ET), how Christian parents handle all the things that can induce anxiety. The answer lies in the fact that this world is not our home and God is in control. God allows difficulties to come our way not for us to worry or be anxious, but for us to turn to Him in prayer and rely on His grace for our lives. This is a throwback podcast – way back to #51! Listen in and join the conversation.

In Catholic Bytes (9:54-9:59am ET), continue their Habemus Papam series, covering Pope John VII.

In The Gathering Place (airing 10:04-10:47am ET), Beth Davis and Jenna Guizar chat about some of the spiritual lessons they’ve been learning and how they’re trying to live them coming up this Advent.

In This Whole Life (airing 10:50-11:51am ET), Pat, Kenna, and their friend Fr. Nathan talk about how to faithfully order the sometimes competing values of family life, especially managing relationships between families of origin and families of creation.

In The Paul George Show (airing 11:57-1:00pm ET), Paul and Dcn. Adam talk about lessons learned in old age, spiritual comfort foods, and more.