The Daily Refill for Monday, November 8, 2021 (airing throughout the block) includes Saint. Peter Wu, Sister Raffaella, a Fireman reading a book, and Chris Pratt.

Bishop Baron’s Sermons (airing 2:06-2:20am EST) is from November 3, 2021. A connection with God leads to life and flourishing. When we sever that connection, we experience a drought similar to the one in our first reading today. The Lord responds to our needs, so trust in His providence, and He will not abandon you.

On Living Stones (airing 2:26-2:54am EST), Ken and Deacon Harold return to their discussion of Evangelium Vitae with paragraph 88. They reflect on ways to build up the culture of life, conscience formation, and the difference between the common good and popular opinion.

The Daily Mass Readings (airing 2:59-3:03am EST) for Monday, November 8, 2021 are from Wisdom 1:1-7; Psalm 139:1b-3, 4-6, 7-8, 9-10; and Luke 17:1-6.

On Pints with Jack (airing 3:09-4:19am EST), join Andrew, David, and Matt as they begin reading “The Four Loves” by C.S. Lewis. In this book, Lewis examines love and distinguishes between its many different kinds.

Renovo (airing 4:22-4:59am EST) discusses opinion, belief, and conviction: these three get confused and used interchangeably…lets clear the air.

Follow to Lead (airing 5:05-5:58am EST) hosts Meg Hunter-Kilmer, who describes her apostolate as being a Hobo for Christ. She is an author and speaker who, after 5 years as a full-time religion teacher, quit her job and packed everything into the trunk of her car to drive around the country and fly around the world as a hobo missionary. Since June 2012, she has traveled the country and internationally, speaking to anyone who’ll listen about the goodness of God, Catholic apologetics, Christian morality, and the life of prayer.

On Saint Dymphna’s Playbook (airing 6:01-6:18am EST), Tommy talks about the how to use social media in a way that protects our mental health, introduces listeners to Blessed Bartholomew of Vicenza, and answers listener questions about how to maintain our mental health when the news is so negative, how we should deal with our consumer-driven society as Catholics, and how a Godparent can help a a child with autism grow closer to Christ.

On Godsplaining (airing 6:23-6:54am EST), Fr. Gregory Pine and Fr. Jacob Bertrand Janczyk discuss God’s love for us and whether or not he loves some people more than others.

On this week’s episode of Church Life Today (airing 6:57-7:25am EST) is the topic of Catholic Innovation. It is easy to bemoan the problems in the Church; it is harder to take the initiative to heal and renew the life of the Church, and to sacrifice for that renewal with all your own creativity and passion. But that is exactly what the Our Sunday Visitor Institute for Catholic Innovation is calling forth from leaders in the Church today. They want to help visionaries become the innovators who discover new means of evangelization and who revitalize the faithful’s responsibility for proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ. Dr. Matt Smith directs strategic alliances for the OSV Institute for Catholic Innovation, and today he joins me to talk about the tradition of innovation and its timeliness in the life of the Church today, while also highlighting some of the specific initiatives he and his team are working to develop to foster a culture of innovation for the Church.

On this week’s episode of The Sandwich Generation (airing 7:28-8:00am EST), Megan Rogers, a volunteer supervisor for the Northwest Region of SHIP, a federally-funded service staffed by over 400 volunteers in the State of Indiana, provides unbiased information and assistance on Medicare which is something that affects everyone age 65 and over. Learn how to get the care you and health insurance coverage your loved ones need and maybe even save money in the process.


The Daily Refill for Wednesday, November 10, 2021 (airing throughout the block) features Saint Pope Leo the Great, Eucharist Coherence, and baptizing 14 babies saved from abortion.

From bulldog Catholic, Father Mike Schmitz’s Sunday Homily (airing 10:06-10:28am EST) from Sunday, November 7, 2021 is entitled Learning to Lose: Practice Dying. We will all lose everything. We will lose everything…even to the point of our very lives. Rather than avoid death, we can practice dying by actively giving away our claims to our materials, time and our abilities.

Let Love: The Gospel of Life (airing 10:34-11:14am EST) features Sister Mariae Agnus Dei, SV and Sister Marie Veritas, SV diving into Chapter 4 of The Gospel of Life, and talking about  evangelization, and how we are called to let Love and Life radiate through us, so that every person we encounter might experience the goodness of their own life and the gift of God’s divine Life. Your love can actually change the world.

The Daily Mass Readings (airing 11:19-11:22am EST) for Wednesday, November 10, 2021 are from Wisdom 6:1-11; Psalm 82:3-4, 6-7; and Luke 17:11-19.

Short Catholic (airing 11:28-11:29am EST) is a pre-Thanksgiving reflection: Why should we be thankful? Cindy Black reflects on Theology of the Body and the season of thanks.

On Ave Explores (airing 11:32am-12:03pm EST), Fr. Blake Britton, a priest in the diocese of Orlando, says that you can begin evangelization at home by immersing your family in the Church’s sacramental and liturgical life. He recommends examples such as praying the Liturgy of the Hours or making daily Mass a priority.

The Feminine Genius Podcast (airing 12:09-12:52pm EST) features Krista Corbello, who was raised Catholic and lived in a very culturally Catholic place, which meant that she didn’t have to think too much about calling herself ‘pro-life’. But a human rights talk and meeting her biological father helped her to see herself in the pro-life movement. She started to speak out about her mother’s story, and over time learned more about her own story of origin. In learning about a sibling who she lost to abortion, she started the non-profit Even This Way, a place to provide siblings and families healing and community. In this episode, Krista shares the relationship between her faith and pro-life journey, what she’s learned from running Even This Way, and her desire to be an open heart in the world. Content Warning: In this episode, Krista and I talk about abortion. Listener discretion is advised.

The Paul George Show (airing 12:55-1:50pm EST) discusses Sleepy Bus, The Heart of the Matter, Gumbo, and Pot Holes.

On Pints with Jack (airing 1:55-3:01pm EST), Andrew, David, and Matt finish discussing the Introduction to The Four Loves where C.S. Lewis looks at two different kinds of nearness, Nearness-by-likeness and Nearness-of-approach, and explains how loves, when they become gods, become demons.

On this week’s Episode of Truth in Charity (airing 3:04-4:00pm EST), Bishop Rhoades discusses next week’s United States Conference of Catholic Bishops annual fall assembly, which he will attend not only a representative of the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese but also as the Chair of the Doctrine Committee. That Committee has been preparing a document that’s been stirring up some controversy since the spring. It addresses the issue of worthy reception of Communion and whether or not, for example, a pro-abortion politician should receive. On this episode, Bishop summarizes the teaching document on the Eucharist, the process for making amendments to it, and the subsequent vote that will take place, as well as socially responsible investing.

On this week’s episode of Doctor, Doctor (airing 12:00-1:00pm), Physician, bioethicist, and medical school professor Dr. Ashley Fernandes talks about how well-respected physicians helped the Nazis during the Holocaust and the important lessons that today’s healthcare providers must learn to make sure the past doesn’t repeat itself.


The Daily Refill for Tuesday, November 11, 2021 (airing throughout the block) includes the Missionaries of Charity that evacuated 14 disabled orphans from Kabul, and Eucharistic Adoration.

Godsplaining (airing 5:06-5:53pm EST) features Professor Rachel Fulton Brown from the University of Chicago joining Fr. Bonaventure Chapman and Fr. Patrick Briscoe to discuss the works of Tolkien, and why everyone should read and reread them.

Short Catholic (airing 5:58-6:01pm EST) discusses seeing things up side down, such as Perceptual Adaptation, vision, truth, lies, and sin.

The Daily Mass Readings (airing 6:07-6:14pm EST) for Tuesday, November 9, 2021 are from Ezekiel 47:1-2, 8-9, 12; Psalm 46:2-3, 5-6, 8-9; First Corinthians 3:9c-11, 16-17; and John 2:13-22.

The Pilgrim Soul (airing 6:17-6:54pm EST) features Mental health counselor Beth Hlabse, who joins Adrianna on the podcast to discuss her journey into Catholic counseling and her experience of God as a counselor. They discuss Beth’s form of therapy that she primarily practices, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and the journey towards mind-body healing. Beth shares her own experience as a person who has both experienced tremendous healing during her own experience with EMDR and her privilege to aid in the healing of others.

The Abiding Together Podcast (airing 7:00-7:44pm EST) continues their four part series on Sisterhood, discussing what it looks like for women to form each other in community so that we can all live our dignity as daughters made in the image and likeness of God. They also discuss milestone experiences in a woman’s life and the necessity of journeying through these seasons with other women.

Ave Spotlight (airing 7:47-8:04pm EST) discusses the new movie Shang-Chi, and the lessons of purpose it offers. Chenele visits with fellow Marvel nerd Adrienne Garalde to talk about the lessons he takes from the film by viewing it through a Catholic lens, especially how meaningful it was to see an Asian-American hero portrayed on the big screen.

Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World (airing 8:09-9:37pm EST) explores the theory of canals on Mars. After 19th-century astronomers said Mars has a worldwide network of canals, people speculated there was not just life but a civilization there. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli explore whether there is life on Mars, and if so, how it got there and what it is like.

The Word on Fire Show (airing 9:40-10:37pm EST) features Bishop Barron joining Sal Di Stefano from Mind Pump Media for a great conversation, recorded earlier this year. They discussed the great social upheaval and political division in our culture—including its intellectual, moral, and spiritual dimensions—and why a purely secular framework is not enough to solve it.

This week’s episode of Morning Jolt (airing 10:40-11:00pm EST) is a conversation between Sister Ignatia and her brother, to talk about what music he plays and likes to listen to.