In They That Hope (airing 7:06-7:44am ET), Fr. Dave and Dcn. Bob talk about movies, sports, an op-ed Fr. Dave wrote about transgendered athletes, and then they reflect on the power of praying “hallowed be thy name.”

In Catholic Sprouts (airing 7:49-8:00am ET), Luke Kelwig guest hosts to talk about being a missionary.

In the readings from Mass (airing 8:06-8:13am ET), Acts 8, Psalm 66, and John 6.

In Today’s Teenager (airing 8:19-8:38am ET), Roy explores how the concept of “the one thing” can enhance working with teens and other young people and encourages us to use the 5 love languages to make sure we’re really connecting with the people we love.

In Civilization of Love from FemCatholic (airing 8:38-9:00am ET), Sam and Danielle discuss how offering paid leave helps organizations save money and be more effective.

In Poco a Poco (airing 9:03-10:00am ET), the friars talk about how we can strive for holiness in our ordinary, simple, hidden lives.

In Letters to Women (airing 10:05-10:42am ET), Chloe talks to Melissa Overmyer about worry and how we can move away from being a “worrier” and really enter into wonder at who God is and the way that he has worked and continues to work in our lives.

In The Cordial Catholic (airing 10:45-12:02pm ET), Dr. Brett Salkeld talks all about the roots and reasons for purgatory and how Catholics and Protestants can find common ground in our beliefs about life after death.

In Living Stones (airing 12:05-12:35pm ET), Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and Ken Hallenius cover how the early Church wrestled with understanding Christ and The Word made flesh.

In At the Table (airing 12:38-1:00pm ET), Pat, Cody and Tracy discuss the intersection of The Motive and The Working Genius.