In Let Love (airing 2:06-2:49am ET), Sr. Mariae Agnus Dei, SV and Sr. Marie Veritas, SV talk about how our culture views time, the Christian understanding of time, and how we can let Love meet us in each present moment.

In Catholic Sprouts (airing 2:54-3:00am ET), Nancy Bandzuch continues the Lent series on the Seven Deadly Sins, focusing this week on gluttony.

In Catholic Bytes (airing 3:00-3:13am ET), Fr. George and Fr. Conrad revisit Exodus and the story of the first Passover while they draw the connections to how we celebrate and interact with the Eucharist today.

In the Scripture readings from Mass (airing 3:19-3:28am ET), we hear from 2 Kings 5, Psalm 42, and Luke 4.

In Ten Thousand Places (airing 3:34-4:25am ET), the guys are back for another season and in this episode they talk about the vision and the challenges of the new evangelization and give practical suggestions for how you can live your call to share the good news of the Gospel.

In Lust Is Boring (airing 4:30-4:55am ET), Jason Evert begins a 5-part series on the five loves of Saint John Paul the Great, this time focusing on the Eucharist and how we can get the most out of Mass by rekindling eucharistic amazement in your daily life.

In Restore the Glory (airing 4:58-6:17am ET), Dr. Schucts and Jake continue their series on healing and leadership, this time welcoming Mother Superior Gloria Therese and Sr. Regina Marie of the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles to hear their powerful accounts of their own person healing and how healing together has helped their whole community.

In Beyond Damascus (airing 6:20-7:17am ET), Brad, Dan, and Aaron talk about the beatitude: “Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:10)

In Church Life Today (airing 7:20-8:00am ET), Dr. Leonard DeLorenzo talks to Paul Blaschko about how we can think about and investigate the meaning and the good of work.

In You Were Born for This (airing 10:06-10:38am ET), Fr. John and Mary get very practical about how Jesus can and does heal us from whatever keeps us from living abundant life.

In Catholic Sprouts (airing 10:38-10:45am ET), Nancy continues talking about the capital sin of gluttony and Jesus’ words “I Thirst”

In Being Human (airing 10:50-11:07am ET), Dr. Greg Bottaro talks about finding the balance between self-compassion and self-denial.

In the readings from Mass (airing 11:13-11:19am ET), we hear from Deuteronomy 4, Psalm 147, and Matthew 5.

In Ave Explores (airing 11:25-12:06pm ET), Katie talks to Sr. Josephine Garrett, CSFN who explains that while sin is the cause of much of our woundedness, we should remember that we weren’t created to sin but to be sons and daughters of Christ.

In The Feminine Genius Podcast (airing 11:09-12:55pm ET), Elizabeth Vargas talks about her desire to share the good news with the people she meets, her journey on becoming a plant-based Catholic, and how food plays into our relationships with God and others.

In Godsplaining (airing 1:00-1:35pm ET), Fr. Gregory Pine and Fr. Joseph-Anthony Kress welcome Andrea Thomas and Greg Boudreaux from the Vigil Project to talk about Catholic music and why art ought to be excellent.

In Outside the Walls (airing 1:38-2:35pm ET), Mike Aquilina talks about his book How the Fathers Read the Bible: Scripture, Liturgy, and the Early Church.

In Ethics and Culture Cast (airing 2:41-3:10pm ET), former US Representative Dan Lipinski talks about the importance of Catholics in the public square.

In The Simple Reminder (airing 3:10-3:18pm ET), Pat and Cody talk about the importance of spending time alone.

In Truth in Charity with Bishop Rhoades (airing 3:21-4:00pm ET), Bishop and Kyle talk about why Jesus used parables as a way to teach His disciples, and Bishop breaks down one of his favorites. “Why did Jesus tell Parables?”

In Doctor, Doctor (airing 4:00-5:00am ET), Dr. Mary Keen shares the latest information about autism including how it’s diagnosed, the most common symptoms, the latest research on what causes it, modern approaches to treatment, and more.

In CNA Newsroom (airing 5:06-5:18pm ET), hear the story of how St. Joseph helped to facilitate an unexpected connection between a teacher in Denver, Colorado and a priest in Soroti, Uganda.

In Catholic Sprouts (airing 5:18-5:25pm ET), Nancy continues the Lent series on the Seven Deadly Sins, this time talking about how gluttony affects our lives.

In Ave Spotlight (airing 5:30-6:00pm ET), Chenele talks with Santonio Hill about how Vagabond Missions evangelizes to communities on the peripheries.

In the Scripture readings for Mass (airing 6:06-6:14pm ET), we hear from Daniel 3, Psalm 25, and Matthew 18.

In The Messy Family Podcast (airing 6:23-7:20pm ET), Mike and Alicia talk about the controversial “submissive wives” teaching and what the Catholic Church can teach us about authentic love in marriage.

In Abiding Together (airing 7:23-8:00pm ET), Heather, Michelle, and Sr. Miriam continue talking about Lent, this time reflecting on how fasting helps us get to the roots of our sins.

In OSV Talks (airing 8:05-8:35pm ET), Doug Tooke talks to Kyle Hamilton, CEO of Our Sunday Visitor, about how modern Catholics can learn from the innovative strategies of Archbishop John Francis Noll.

In Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World (airing 8:38-10:10pm ET), Jimmy and Dom sort out the different definitions and explanations for how the world works, including religion, magic, psychic phenomena, and science.

In The Word on Fire Show (airing 10:13-10:43pm ET), Bishop Barron and Brandon talk about cynicism and how we can work against the trend toward pessimism and distrust.

In Morning Jolt (airing 10:46-11:00pm ET), Sr. Ignatia talks to Sr. Carol about her time spent as a missionary in Belize.