Hear about Bl. Basil Hopko and Bl. Maria Raffaella Cimatti, Pope Francis’ message for grandparents, and 5 ways to keep your summer holy.

In¬†Saint Dymphna’s Playbook¬†(airing 7:06-7:24am ET),¬†Tommy talks about atypical symptoms of depression, introduces listeners to Blessed Yolanda of Poland, and answers listener questions about medication, stigma at work, and mental health impact on having a family.

In¬†You Were Born for This¬†(airing 7:30-7:30am ET), ACTS XXIX shares a favorite and inspired homily from Bishop Daniel Flores given many years ago now on Jesus’ crucial question, “Do you want to leave me too?”

In the readings for today (airing 7:55-8:00am ET), hear from Genesis 15, Psalm 105, and Matthew 7.

In¬†Thinking Faith¬†(airing 8:10-8:34am ET), Brett continues his conversation with Paul D’Hondt and Dr. Christopher Baglow on teaching science in a Catholic school.

In¬†Burrowshire¬†(airing 8:37-9:53am ET), Brandon and Fr. Blake talk about how Catholics can move past the “Liturgy Wars” to embrace the full beauty of liturgy in worship and in family life.

In Godsplaining (airing 9:59-10:31am ET), Fr. Gregory Pine and Fr. Patrick Briscoe talk about how to forgive.

In The Pilgrim Soul Podcast (airing 10:34-11:13am ET), Fr. Chase Pepper joins Sofia on the podcast to share some wisdom about death. What’s missing in our Western society’s relationship to mortality and mourning? What alternative does the Church offer? What steps can we take so that, when we are confronted with our finitude, fear and anxiety can give way to gratitude?

In Poco a Poco (airing 11:18-12:00pm ET), the friars talk about how we can get past preoccupation so we can grow closer to God.