In Ave Spotlight (airing 7:06-7:37am ET), Chenele Shaw chats with Gloria Purvis about her conversion to Catholicism when she was twelve years old after encountering the Lord in Eucharistic Adoration, how her faith has inspired her to work for justice, and more.

In Catholic Sprouts (airing 7:42-7:49am ET), Nancy helps kids learn about the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In Catholicism with My Kid (airing 7:55-8:14am ET), Kyle and his son, Sebastian, talk about the story of Samson, what happened before Delilah and what this story has to do with us today.

In The Pilgrim Soul Podcast (airing 8:20-9:00am ET), Giuli and Sofia discuss hope, a certainty in the future that arises from recognizing the presence of Christ today.

In Beyond Damascus (airing 9:03-10:00am ET), Brad, Dan, and Aaron talk to Fr. Gabriel Emmanuel, CFR about learning how to be a missionary in every day life and how we can all practice seeing the opportunities to evangelize all around us.

In Abiding Together (airing 10:05-10:44am ET), Heather, Michelle, and Sr. Miriam talk about how there is a season for everything and how we are invited to not grasp onto the things that God entrusts to us, but to hold them loosely with a posture of trust and freedom.

In Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World (airing 10:47-12:27pm ET), Jimmy and Dom talk about Harriet Tubman, the famous escaped slave who became a conductor on the Underground Railroad, including her reported visions and paranormal experiences and what could have caused them.

In The Word on Fire Show (airing 12:30-1:00pm ET), Bishop Barron and Brandon discuss several principals from St. Benedict including humility, justice, the cultivation of beauty, the intellectual life, community, and becoming masters of the spiritual life.