Hear about St. Lutgardis, the new Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus and the latest abortion polling data, plus 8 spiritual and practical tips for getting through a bad day.

In¬†Thinking Faith¬†(airing 7:06-7:56am ET),¬† Dr. Christopher Baglow of the University of Notre Dame, and Paul D’Hondt from the Huron First Catholic District School Board in Ontario, Canada discuss teaching science in a Catholic School.

In You Were Born for This (airing 8:02-8:21am ET), Fr. John and Mary discuss a crucial distinction between our personal story and the story, the importance of stories in general, and some practical things we can do this summer to know the story more deeply.

In the readings for today (airing 8:26-8:30am ET), hear from 2 Corinthians 9, Psalm 112, and Matthew 6.

In Pints with Aquinas (airing 8:36-11:18am ET), Fr. Boniface Hicks, a Catholic priest and Benedictine Monk of the Saint Vincent Archabbey, talks about the intimacy of prayer and how to enter into an intimate conversation and relationship with Jesus.

In¬†Poco a Poco¬†(airing 1:23-12:00pm ET), the friars talk about how to know if we’re stuck in the ordinary and how to live a life set on fire with Christ.