Hear about St. Germaine Cousin (a Catholic Cinderella!), a Catholic activist released from prison in Hong Kong, and St. Thomas Aquinas’ tips for dealing with sadness.

In Renovo (airing 7:06-7:33am ET), hear about St. Athanasius who was made a bishop in his 30s and spent 17 years in exile (plus CS Lewis was a big fan).

In Ave Spotlight (airing 7:40-7:58am ET), Oluwaseun Ogunmodede shares his excitement about being a new father with host Chenele Shaw.

In the readings for today (airing 8:03-8:06am ET),  hear from 2 Corinthians 8, Psalm 146, and Matthew 5.

In The Cannonball Podcast (airing 8:06-8:25am ET), they talk about how you know that you know what it is that you think that you know: that is, how do we know something is true.

In Let Love (airing 8:31-9:02am ET), Sr. Mariae Agnus Dei, SV and Sr. Marie Veritas, SV talk about how we can let Love teach us, through St. Joseph, about prayer, silence, and trust.

In Ask Christopher West (airing 9:05-9:34am ET), Christopher and Wendy answer: Does God will the circumstances that allow illegitimate children to be born? How does one deal with not hearing God’s voice when struggling with abandonment? How do I test my heart without falling into lust?

In The Messy Family Podcast (airing 9:40-10:42am ET), Sam and Rob Fatzinger, parents of 14 and authors of A Catholic Guide to Spending Less and Living More, talk about family finances.

In Counsel of Trent (airing 10:45-11:24am ET), Trent sits down with Cy Kellett and explains why our sinful nature and God’s foreknowledge do not refute the existence of free will.

In The Pilgrim Soul Podcast (airing 11:30-12:12pm ET), Sofia and Giuliana talk about prayer. What is the relationship between prayer and the rest of our lives?

In The Word on Fire Show (airing 12:15-12:36pm ET), hear Bishop Barron’s recent commencement address at University of St. Thomas in Houston about how great souls are formed.

In Morning Jolt (airing 12:40-1:oopm ET), Sister Ignatia sits down with a surprise guest, Joy, to discuss their friendship and work with FOCUS missions.