In Bishop Barron’s Sermon (airing 7:06-7:22am ET), he encourages us to reflect on a deeper level to the story of the Good Samaritan – what it teaches us about how Christ heals us.

In Saint Stories for Kids (airing 7:27-7:32am ET), we hear about St. Katharine Drexel, who dedicated her life and her immense fortune to helping Native American and African American communities, even in the face of danger.

In Catholic Sprouts (airing 7:32-7:40am ET), Nancy helps us pray and reflect for the 8th day of the consecration to Jesus through Mary.

In Being Human (airing 7:46-8:12am ET), Dr. Greg tackles the problematic stance taken by the American Psychological Association (APA) on abortion; he also breaks open why it’s important for Catholic mental health professionals to practice from a place of integration, why most psychology programs cannot provide that kind of education, and what CatholicPsych is doing to help.

In OSV Talks (airing 8:18-9:00am ET), first we hear the talk given by Dr. Richard Ludwick called “From Marvel to Disney: What Christians Can Learn About Storytelling.” Then he sits down with Doug Tooke for a deeper conversation about how Christians can use storytelling to help others know Jesus.

In Fountains of Carrots (airing 9:03-10:10am ET), Christy and Haley talk to Laura Kelly Fanucci about what it means to commit to a new beginning and face our fears in the midst of trials.

In Living the Call (airing 10:13-11:20am ET), Dcn. Charlie talks to architect Matthew Alderman about the good and the bad of the diversity in how our churches look, how beautiful churches and sacred art can help people know Christ and understand the Church, and more.

In Godsplaining (airing 11:23-12:00pm ET), Fr. Bonaventure Chapman and Fr. Gregory Pine discuss the virtue of patriotism, what we owe to our country, and how we ought to approach these topics as Catholics.

In Doctor, Doctor (airing 12:03-1:00pm ET), Dr. Bob Schuchts from the John Paul II Healing Center talks about the link between physical and spiritual healing, how we can pursue healing through both traditional medicine and prayer, and how healthcare providers can trust the promptings of the Holy Spirit to help their patients find deeper healing.