In Bishop Barron’s Homily (airing 7:06-7:22am ET), he invites us to reflect on Luke’s version of the Our Father and what we are asking for when we pray it.

In Catholic Sprouts (airing 7:27-7:38am ET), Nancy helps us pray and reflect on the 18th day of the consecration to Jesus through Mary.

In Being Human (airing 7:44-8:32am ET), Dr. Greg answers questions about Catholics and psychology, how to approach loved ones with gender confusion, and more.

In Morning Jolt (airing 8:38-9:00am ET), Sister Ignatia and guests talk about celibacy and how some people are called to it, but all are called to chastity.

In Catholic Bytes (airing 9:03-9:17am ET), Fr. Conrad and Fr. Alec talk about how we can discern the Holy Spirit moving in our lives with enough humility to really listen.

In Living the Call (airing 9:22-10:29am ET), Dcn. Charlie talks to John Papola, a father, filmmaker, and CEO of Emergent Order about fatherhood and helping people understand and embrace what really makes us happy.

In Lust Is Boring (airing 10:35-11:28am ET), Jason and Crystalina answer questions from listeners about when kids should date, good cell phone rules, preparing to go back to school, and more.

In Godsplaining (airing 11:31-12:00pm ET), Fr. Patrick Briscoe and Fr. Bonaventure Chapman talk about the importance of rest, leisure, and how boating is uniquely aligned with those two things.

In Doctor, Doctor (airing 12:03-1:00pm ET), pediatric sports specialist Dr. Brooke Pengel talks about kids and sports injuries, including the most common injuries, best practices for treatment, and most important things parents and coaches can do to help keep kids safe.