The Daily Refill (airing throughout the day) highlights St. Thomas Aquinas, the man who inspired St. Oscar Romero being beatified, and Sr. Veronica and her 3 vocatoins.

In Bishop Barron’s Sermon (airing 7:06-7:23am ET), he reflects on how we have a tendency to understand our religious lives in a self-interested way, but the grace God gives us is meant to be given away.

In Catholic Sprouts (airing 7:23-7:31am ET), Nancy Bandzuch helps kids learn about St. Thomas Aquinas.

In Good and Decent (airing 7:37-8:10am ET), hear reflections on how people make decisions about being intentional when making new beginnings.

In the readings from Mass (airing 8:16-8:24am ET), hear from 2 Samuel 11:1-4a, 5-10a, 13-17, Psalm 51, and Mark 4:26-34.

In Saint Dymphna’s Playbook (airing 8:30-8:55am ET), Tommy answers listener questions about how to support a loved one with depression who lives across the country, how to cope with a friend saying they can’t listen to our struggles any more, and how to set healthy boundaries with someone suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder.

In Blessed Is She (airing 9:00-9:44am ET), Fr. John Parks joins Beth to talk about spiritual direciton.

In Fountains of Carrots (airing 9:50-10:36am ET), Christy and Haley talk to Joy Clarkson about her new book Aggressively Happy and why joy is a good all of us can choose.

In Restore the Glory (airing 10:39-11:22am ET), Bob and Jake continue the series on healing as seen through the life of St. Peter, this time focusing in on how Christ reveals our idenitity.

In Godsplaining (airing 11:27-12:00pm ET), Fr. Gregory Pine and Fr. Bonaventure Chapman discuss why talking about COVID is so hard and offer thoughts on making it easier.

In Doctor, Doctor (airing 12:00-1:00pm ET), psychiatrist Dr. Francie Broghammer talks about medications for mental illness including when they are necessary, some of the most common medications and how they work, and how the treatment of mental illness continues to advance.