Looking to support those in need?

Catholic Charites is one of only three organizations in Indiana authorized by the federal government to resettle refugees from Afghanistan, and they need our help.

Redeemer Radio is proud to partner in this effort, and offer our Fort Wayne station to serve as a drop-off location for donations. Many refugees arrive with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, and Catholic Charities is tasked with providing all their necessities – housing, food, and clothing.

Donations may be dropped off November 9-11, 2021:

Kitchen Items
• One place setting of tableware (fork, knife, spoon) (per person)
• One place setting of dishes (plate, bowl, cup) (per person)
• Pots and pans; at least one sauce pan, frying pan and baking dish
• Mixing/serving bowls
• Can opener
• Kitchen knives
• Water pitcher
• Kitchen towels

Linens and Other Household Items
• One bath towel/wash cloth (per person)
• One set of new flat/fitted sheets and blankets for each bed (greatest need for Twin size, and some Queen size)
• One new pillow and pillow case (per person)
• Alarm clock
• Shower curtains and rings

Cleaning Supplies
• Dish soap
• Bathroom/kitchen cleaner
• Sponges, cleaning rags or paper towels
• Laundry detergent
• Two waste baskets
• Mop or broom/dustpan
• Trash bags
• Air fragrance

• Toilet paper
• Shampoo
• Body wash/bar soap
• Razor
• Sensitive pads
• Toothbrush (per person)
• Toothpaste
• Personal hygiene products (as appropriate)
• Deodorant (per person)
• First aid kit

Catholic Charities, South Bend, IN

Redeemer Radio, Fort Wayne, IN