The Daily Refill (airing throughout the day) highlights Bl. Rosalie Rendu, a statue of St. Josephine Bakhita in St. Peter’s Square, and a group of friars who have avoided their residence closing.

In Let Love (airing 7:06-7:54am ET), Sr. Mariae Agnus Dei and Sr. Marie Veritas speak about the power of letting ourselves by anchored by the reality of God’s never-failing, personal love, and the reality of myself as gift.

In the readings from scripture (airing 7:59-8:06am ET), we hear from 1 Kings 8:1-7, 9-13, Psalm 132, and Mark 6:53-56.

In Catholic Sprouts (airing 8:12-8:22am ET), Nancy Bandzuch talks about what it means to put on the “Armor of God.”

In The Pilgrim Soul Podcast (airing 8:28-9:10am ET), Giuliana and Sofia talk about two forms of difficulty in prayer: distraction and desolation.

In Do Something Beautiful (airing 9:13-9:45am ET), Leah talks to Josie Robinson, a writer and counselor, about how people can create a joyful and inspiring life through the simple, yet powerful practice of gratitude.

In Restore the Glory (airing 9:50-11:00am ET), Jake and Bob sit down for a practical and rich conversation with Jackie Mulligan, founder of Reform Wellness, about how her own life and her clients has shown her the importance of healing – body and soul.

In Beyond Damascus (airing 11:06-12:03pm ET), Brad, Dan, and Aaron talk to professional baseball player Craig Stammen about his faith and how he shares Christ through his athletic career.

In a homily from Fr. Dan Scheidt at St. Vincent de Paul parish in Fort Wayne, IN (airing 12:08-12:25pm ET), hear about how Jesus worked through the hard times of Peter’s life, and He will do the same for us.

In Church Life Today (airing 12:25-1:00pm ET), Dr. Leonard DeLorenzo talks to Angela Franks about how we can best understand the human body and questions of gender, biological sex, and embodiment.