In Let Love (airing 2:06-2:47am ET), the sisters look at a “spirituality of non-resistance” – letting go of control, and allowing Him to bring us to deeper into His heart, which is an ever new, infinite landscape of Love.

In Catholic Bytes (airing 2:52-3:02am ET), the fathers talk about the history of women crushing heads in the Bible, and the role they played in salvation history.

In The Simple Reminder (airing 3:08-3:13am ET), Patrick Lencioni talks about how we can overcome guilt to have a more sincere relationship with the Lord.

In The Pilgrim Soul (airing 3:19-3:59am ET), Adrianna and Sofia explore the ideas of poverty and detachment. What is poverty of spirit and why should we desire it? How is it related to material poverty? How are we personally trying to grow in freedom through detachment?

In Do Something Beautiful (airing 4:02-5:27am ET), Chris Padgett and his daughter Sarah tell the story of Sarah’s teenage pregnancy, the immense importance of the love of parents for their children, and how welcoming little Audrey affected their whole family.

In Beyond Damascus (airing 5:33-6:30am ET), Brad, Dan, and Aaron are joined by Nicole Tekippe to talk about her work as a FOCUS missionary and how we can all foster hearts of evangelization.

In Restore the Glory (airing 6:36-7:20am ET), Bob and Jake look at how we can choose to respond to times of difficulty and vulnerability like either Peter or Judas – with either hope or despair.

In Church Life Today (airing 7:23-8:00am ET), Dr. Leonard DeLorenzo talks to Corynne Staresinic and Abigail Favale about “Cultivating Catholic Feminism” and how it can dialogue with and meaningfully differ from secular feminism.

In You Were Born for This (airing 10:06-10:28am ET), Fr. John and Mary celebrate the remarkable life of Mary DelPup and hold her up as a model for leaders in the Church to imitate.

In Catholic Sprouts (airing 10:28-10:38am ET), Sr. Sidney Moss from the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (more commonly known as the Salesian Sisters) talks about vocation.

In Student of the Month (airing 10:42-10:57am ET), hear from Queen of Peace, Mishawaka parishioner Sophie Allen about how her faith influences her life as a high school student.


In Being Human (airing 10:57-11:11am ET), Dr. Greg Bottaro shares a real response to a client in the CatholicPsych Institute mentorship program.

In the readings from Mass (airing 11:17-11:26am ET) hear from Malachi 3:1-4, Psalm 24, Hebrews 2:14-18, and Luke 2:22-40.

In Ave Explores (airing 11:32-12:17pm ET), Gloria Purvis explains that learning the stories of black, indigenous, and other diverse saints helps to expand the understanding of holiness in the world.

In The Feminine Genius Podcast (airing 12:20-1:17pm ET), Trisha de Souza talks about the difficult health challenges she’s had to endure, how she came to start her art business, and the important prayer that changed her perspective on God and His providence.

In The Paul George Show (airing 1:22-2:22pm ET), Paul and Dcn. Adam talk about what can inspire us to action and how saints don’t compete and neither should we.

In Outside the Walls (airing 2:28-3:25pm ET), Patrick Sullivan, president of Evango and author of the new book The Three Languages of Evangelization, shares a simple idea that has dramatic implications for the way we share our faith.

In Truth in Charity with Bishop Rhoades (airing 3:30-4:00pm ET), Bishop and Kyle continue their series on the Corporal Works of Mercy, this time focusing on how we can visit the imprisoned.

In Doctor, Doctor (airing 4:00-5:00pm ET), psychologist Dr. Andrew Sodergren talks about the phenomenon of rapid onset gender dysphoria and how to approach a child who thinks that they are the opposite gender of their anatomy.

In CNA Newsroom (airing 5:06-5:42pm ET), theologians answer whether pets go to heaven, hear about St. Philip Neri’s love for animals, and two priests share how their furry companions have helped them in their vocations.

In Catholic Sprouts (airing 5:42-5:52pm ET), Sr. Sidney Moss from the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (more commonly known as the Salesian Sisters) talks about vocation.

In the readings from Mass (airing 5:57-6:07pm ET), hear from 2 Samuel 18:9-10, 14b, 24-25a, 30–19:3, Psalm 86, and Mark 5:21-43.

In Saint Stories for Kids (airing 6:13-6:20pm ET), hear about St. Brigid of Ireland, one of the founders of the Christian faith in the country.

In Ave Spotlight (airing 6:20-6:43pm ET), Jon Blevins—AKA “Bearded Blevins”—founder of Little Flower Media, talks about building a community for Christ through gaming.

In The Messy Family Podcast (airing 6:49-7:46pm ET), Mike and Alicia Hernon talk about how to help kids learn virtue and responsibility with money.

In Abiding Together (airing 7:49-8:29pm ET), Heather, Michelle, and Sr. Miriam discuss the power of repentance and blessing and the beautiful exchange that God wants to bestow on us as his beloved children.

In Ethics and Culture Cast (airing 8:34-9:00pm ET), teacher and author Matthew Mehan talks about creativity and beauty and his book Mr. Mehan’s Mildly Amusing Mythical Mammals. 

In Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World (airing 9:03-10:25pm ET), Jimmy and Dom Bettinelli find out what tradition, Church teaching, and historical sources tell about when the Gospels were really written.

In The Word on Fire Show (airing 10:28-10:48pm ET), hear Lesson 1 from Bishop Barron’s latest Word on Fire Institute course titled “Dante’s Catholic Imagination.”

In Catholic Bytes (airing 10:50-11:00pm ET), the fathers talk about how God wants us to welcome Him into our chaos, to help us do the dishes, to be who we are and enter into a true and authentic relationship with Him.