The Daily Refill (airing throughout the day) highlights St. Juliana of Nicodema, some religious sisters with a great interest in the Super Bowl, and some research that says we are talking too much.

In You Were Born for This (airing 7:06-7:29am ET), Fr. John and Mary talk about the importance of and give examples of creating a culture of prayer.

In Being Human (airing 7:34-8:17am ET), Dr. Greg Bottaro is joined by Amy Grace Miller to talk about how to find beauty in years of single life and not give in to the temptation to become bitter about the waiting.

In Ave Explores (airing 8:23-9:00am ET), Katie talks to Danielle Bean from about the challenges of parenting, and offers advice on how to stay grounded throughout the stages of family life.

In The Feminine Genius Podcast (airing 9:06-9:35am ET), Meg Hunter-Kilmer talks about how she became a hobo missionary, her affinity and vast knowledge of the saints, and God has ravished her heart despite things not turning out the way she may have originally thought.

In Thinking Faith (airing 9:38-10:18am ET), Dr. Brett Salkeld and Dcn. Eric Gurash talk about the misinformation behind “overpopulation” environmentalism campaigns and how we can each make changes in how we consume things like food and clothing to actually make a difference.

In The Paul George Show (airing 10:23-11:25am ET), Paul and Dcn. Adam talk about the patron saint for murderers, how our families can lead us to holiness, and how we are all called to live the Beatitudes.

In Outside the Walls (airing 11:31-12:28pm ET), Regina and Dan Boyd share some tips and tricks to strengthen your marriage and discuss the effects of personal and generational trauma on relationships.

In Truth in Charity with Bishop Rhoades (airing 12:32-1:00pm ET), Bishop and Kyle continue their series on the Corporal Works of Mercy, this time focusing on how we can visit the sick.