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Fort Wayne Catholic Radio

dba Redeemer Radio
AM 1450, WLYV, Fort Wayne, IN
April 1, 2012, Narrative Statement
FCC Form 396, Exhibit 3

Fort Wayne Catholic Radio Group dba Redeemer Radio (“Redeemer Radio”), licensee of AM radio station WLYV, is a religious broadcaster and as such, pursuant to the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”), qualifies for a religious exemption from certain outreach initiatives and recordkeeping requirements otherwise applicable to broadcast facilities employing five or more full time employees. Specifically, inasmuch as Redeemer Radio is an intrinsically educational organization with an evangelical and catechetical impulse at its core, Redeemer Radio has established faith in, and fidelity to, the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church (the Magisterium) as a requirement for all employee positions.

Notwithstanding this fact, Redeemer Radio does perform several outreach intiatives each year that would satisfy FCC requirements of a non-exempt broadcaster. Moreover, within the context of recruiting applicants who adhere to the religious faith test of all its employees, Redeemer Radio makes reasonable, good faith efforts to recruit applicants without regard to race, color, national origin or sex of the applicants.

In the year ending March 31, 2011, Redeemer Radio sought to hire, and did hire, one full time employee to replace an outgoing Business Administrator. In the year ending March 31, 2011 Redeemer Radio sought to hire, and did hire, one full time employee to replace an outgoing Director of Operations. In its reasonable and good faith efforts to recruit applicants, without regard to race, color national origin or sex of the applicants, Redeemer Radio advertised in Today’s Catholic publication of the Diocese of Fort Wayne South Bend for multiple weeks and ran announcements in parish bulletins throughout the Redeemer Radio coverage area.

Redeemer Radio desires effective outreach to encourage applications by qualified individuals with otherwise diverse backgrounds and perspectives. To achieve this, Redeemer Radio placed bulletin announcements in parishes within our coverage areas who have a higher than average minority population. Redeemer Radio also performs the following initiatives notwithstanding its religious qualification for all positions:

(a) Openings are advertised on Redeemer Radio’s Internet website,

(b) Announcements are broadcast over the air to alert listeners of the job opening and encourage applications by qualified individuals,

(c) Scout troops are Invited to tour the studio

(d) Redeemer Radio works each semester with one or more local colleges as part of an internship program whereby students receive valuable experience in broadcasting in return for academic credit.

Redeemer Radio has repeatedly engaged experienced community and industry resources within our stated religious qualification who might be able to provide a deeper pool of applicants. In fact for both the Director of Operations and Business Administrator positions, Redeemer extended the search with more advertisements, and engaged more industry and community resources, to ensure a deeper pool of applicants.

Redeemer Radio is committed to broad and inclusive outreach efforts and to reasonable, good faith efforts to attract a diverse pool of applicants for its full time openings. Redeemer Radio does not unlawfully discriminate in its employment practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, or sex.
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