In today’s Daily Refill:

A special edition of Flavor of the Week! Instead of the usual 4-part series, Kyle sat down with the newly inaugurated president of University of St. Francis, Fr. Eric Zimmer, for a supersized episode. Hear about Fr. Zimmer’s taste for salsa, how many languages he speaks, and what his life is like as a priest.

In a recent episode of Your Catholic Life, Jon Leonetti talked with retired professional hockey player and former NHL All-Star MVP John Scott about his career and his conversion to the Catholic faith.

Plus, it’s the feast of St. Lawrence the Deacon, one of the early martyrs of the Church and the patron saint of comedians. Here’s why: according to the accounts of his death, he was killed by being placed on a hot grill. Apparently, after a few minutes of being burned, he said “Look, you have me well done on one side, turn me over and eat!” So in honor of St. Lawrence’s ability to tell an excellent dad joke, even as he faced his death, what’s your favorite cheesy Christian joke?

Here are some of Andrea’s favorites: