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Giving back to God of our treasure and resources as an act of recognition and thanksgiving for God’s ineffable provision to us.

How can you help Redeemer Radio with your treasure?

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Redeemer Radio is a listener supported radio station and we rely on our listeners to keep this apostolate going and growing. Donate Online Now!

Donate Your Car

Donate My Car

Donate your car to Redeemer Radio!  The Donation process is safe and simple.  Have questions?  Check out our Frequently asked questions PDF.

Donate my Car

or call 1(866) 628-2277

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Day Sponsorship

Would you like to sponsor a day and get your own special announcement on air throughout the day? Contact Redeemer Radio for more information on how you can become a day sponsor by calling the station 888-436-1450.

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Do you own a business or your own medical practice? We would like to be able to promote you or your business during the day and state that you support Redeemer Radio. Underwriting is a cost-effective investment in public relations, image promotion, and recognition.  Underwriting announcements informs the listener who the businesses are that help make Redeemer Radio programming possible.  

Don't know much about underwriting?  Learn more about the basics of what it is. What is Underwriting? What is the purpose of Underwriting? How can Underwriting benefit you? Also check out the Underwriting rules and guidelines. 

What is underwriting?

The FCC authorizes non-commercial stations to acknowledge gifts or grants from businesses or organizations that underwrite specific programs or portions of programming.  Recognition of those gifts on the air is referred to as an underwriting message.  Underwriting is a cost-effective investment in public relations, image promotion, and recognition.  Your business or organization receives on-air credit at the beginning and end of each program, or hourly as length allows.  Your underwriting announcement informs the listener who you are and what you provide, that you are an active supporter of Catholic Radio, and that you are making their favorite Redeemer Radio program possible!

What is the purpose of Underwriting?

Underwriting is assistance in the form of money, goods, or services provided by businesses and not for profit organizations in support of general or specific Redeemer Radio programming.  Underwriting provides operating funds for Redeemer Radio, future growth and programming to strengthen Redeemer Radio’s image within the community.  Underwriting also provides opportunities for participating businesses to showcase their support for our programming.

How can Underwriting Benefit you?

While underwriting is not commercial advertising, it can provide your firm with some of the same benefits plus some that commercial advertising can’t offer.  Research indicates that Catholic Radio is not only a powerful evangelization tool, but an excellent public relations tool, as well.  Listeners have a positive image of your business that support Catholic Radio and report their purchasing decisions are influences by such underwriting support.


Check out the companies and business that currently underwrite with us!

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During sports broadcasts Redeemer Radio runs advertising.  You can advertise your business during our High School football pre-game show Tailgate Talk or during our Football and Basketball broadcasts. 

What is advertising?

Advertising is the most common and familiar way a company raises awareness for their brand and services.  It contains comparative statements and adjectives, can list pricing and discount offers and have a call to action.  Some non-commercial stations can have a limited commercial license and are permitted to run advertising.  Redeemer Radio has such a license.  Redeemer Radio currently airs all commercials during its sports broadcasts.


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Thank you Underwriters & Advertisers.

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