Feature Interviews:

(4:49) – First, physician assistant Megan Kreft from Portland, OR shares her story about being fired by a Catholic hospital for practicing medicine consistent with Catholic beliefs about human dignity.

(21:41) – Then, pediatrician and medical ethicist Dr. Ashley Fernandes from Ohio State University gives a broader perspective of how Megan’s story fits into the healthcare landscape, the problem with the trend toward giving patient autonomy the highest priority, and how Catholic healthcare providers can practice with great care for patients while staying firm in their beliefs.

Medical Trivia (Answer at 48:11) – Today’s episode deals with aspects of Medical Ethics.  The American Journal of Bioethics was established in 1999.  The Journal of Medical Ethics has been published since 1975 as a branch of the British Medical Journal.  But before these two came the first Journal of Medical Ethics beginning in 1932.  What is the name of the oldest journal dedicated to medical ethics?  Hint: It is named after a man who was physician for Henry VIII, founded the Royal College of Physicians in London, taught Erasmus and St. Thomas More, and became a priest in 1509, fifteen years before he died.



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