Feature Interview (9:55) – Dr. Tom Catena is a missionary family physician and general surgeon serving over 1 million people in the war-torn regions of Sudan. He talks about how he decided to dedicate his life to medical mission work, what it’s like working in a remote part of a country ravaged by war, how he finds fulfillment in his work despite the difficulties.

African Mission Healthcare africanmissionhealthcare.org/
Catholic Medical Mission Board cmmb.org/
The Sudan Relief Fund sdnrlf.com/

Medical Trivia (Answer at 48:09) – Mother of Mercy Hospital where Dr. Tom Catena lives and works lies in an area between Sudan and South Sudan. The average proportion of children who die worldwide before age 5 is 1 in 26 as of 2017. Question: What proportion of children die before age 5 in Sudan (and in South Sudan)?


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