Medical News (01:00) – New studies linking use of hormonal birth control with increased rates of suicide (…017.17060616) and a new study about the effectiveness of testing egg quality for fertility treatment (…811?redirect=true)

Preventative Medicine Tip (8:20) – When to Get a Pap Smear (United States Preventative Screening Task Force

Guest Interview (12:40) – St. Louis Pediatrician Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann discusses the importance of vaccinations, ethical concerns behind some types of vaccinations, how to know which vaccinations you should get for your family, and how you can talk to your doctor about the best options for keeping your family healthy (For more vaccine recommendations and options for Catholics visit

Medical Trivia (Answer at 39:15) – The man who discovered the cause of Downs Syndrome has a cause open for his canonization, and he’s responsible for a vitamin that all pregnant women should take. Who is he and what is the vitamin?

Answers to Listener Questions (43:50) – Do you have any patient pet peeves, or what are some things patients do that make it difficult to diagnose and treat them?



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