Feature Interview (10:15) – President-elect of the Catholic Medical Association and physician burnout expert, OBGYN Dr. Mike Parker, joins the doctors to talk about the crisis of physician burnout and what healthy, effective medical practice should look like.

“It’s Not Burnout, It’s Moral Injury” by ZDoggMD (youtu.be/L_1PNZdHq6Q)

Also in this episode:

Background Info (01:00) – Physician Burnout: Causes, Consequences, and (?) Cures (doi.org/10.14503/THIJ-18-6842)

Medscape National Physician Burnout, Depression & Suicide Report 2019 (www.medscape.com/slideshow/2019-l…-6011056?faf=1#1)

Medical Trivia (Answer at 38:00) – Among all professions, physicians have the highest rate of suicide: 87% higher than the average suicide rate with age and sex matched controls. In fact, the top three jobs on the highest suicide rate list are all medically related. What are #4 and #5? In other words, what are the top non-medical jobs for suicide rates?



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