Feature Interview (15:25) – Freshman U.S. Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) joins the doctors to talk about some of the problems in our current healthcare system, how he tried to fix healthcare for his own employees as a business owner, how he’s trying to use that experience to guide healthcare legislation now as a senator.

Also in this episode:

Background Info (00:45) – Ten Health Care Principles for Catholics (from the Health Care Policy Committee of the CMA)
1. Protection for the most vulnerable
2. The Dignity of Choices
3. Solidarity
4. Respect for Life
5. Adherence to Subsidiarity
6. The Centrality of the Doctor-Patient Relationship
7. Proper Incentives
8. The Essential Role for Charity
9. Protecting Future Generations
10. Transparency

Medical Trivia (Answer at 46:30) – The first ever health care bill passed in congress in the year 1798. What group of people did it serve?



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