Feature Interview (10:25) – Dr. Barbara Golder, pathologist, lawyer, and mystery writer talks about the use of medicine in detective stories, how evidence-based medicine works in real life, and whether some of the most famous sayings from Sherlock Holmes are really accurate.


Also in this episode:

Background Info (00:25) – What is “evidence-based” medicine?

Evidence-Based Medicine in Sherlock Holmes by Jorgen Nordenstrom, MD

Mystery Trivia (Answer at 41:00) – While bookshelves are crammed with mystery novels today, they didn’t exist until someone invented the genre in 1841. Who was the creative author who did this with the release of the story, Murders in the Rue Morgue, set in Paris and printed in Philadelphia in Graham’s Magazine, which went out of business in 1858 after a 17 year run?



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