Feature Interview (12:40) – Dr. Tom Zabiega talks about the ins and outs of palliative care – what it is, who it’s for, and why it matters. Plus, he’ll share some concerning trends in treatment and legislation that doctors and patients should know about when they’re making treatment plans.

Also in this episode:

News (1:05) – Medical School changes – free tuition and 3-year schools

Preventive Medicine Tip (6:55) – Breastfeeding intervention to make it easier for moms and babies

Medical Trivia (Answer at 37:50) – According to a 2013 Publication in the Mayo Clinical Proceedings: What percentage of married physicians are married to other physicians? What percentage of married physicians are married to other medical professionals (including other physicians)? What percentage of physician spouses work outside the home?

Linacre for Laity (40:00) – Linacre editor Dr. Barbara Golder talks about how she combines her love for medicine with her love for writing in her mystery series The Lady Doc Murders.




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