Feature Interview (15:00) – Solidarity Healthshare co-founder Chris Faddis talks with the doctors about how health-sharing ministries take a different approach to health care coverage, why he founded Solidarity Healthshare, and some of the benefits of this approach for doctors and patients.

Also in this episode:

News (00:55) – Medication non-compliance trends, why patients don’t take their medicine, and how insurance companies might try to track it with new technologies (doi.org/10.1016/j.mayocp.2018.05.029)

Preventive Medicine Tip (10:45) – 2018-2019 flu season and how to protect your family

Medical Trivia (Answer at 41:15) – In Star Trek: Voyager Season 2, in an episode called Parturition, the doctor says that he is preparing a “dermal osmotic sealant” to help with itching that would be caused by irritating atmospheric vapors on what the crew deems “Planet Hell.” By what name would be know “dermal osmotic sealant” in a store near us? For bonus points, what does the title Parturition mean? (Hint: It’s also a medical term.)

Listener Questions (43:20) – I am a resent convert. I got my tubes tied before I met my husband. We would love to have children of our own someday. How do I find a doctor who can do a tubal ligation reversal?

Do you believe that it is “safe” for a woman to take a birth control pill for hormone imbalances? I keep hearing it’s too high of a cancer risk and the other thing I hear is that it’s fine to do this?



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