Medical News (00:50) – “Ten Reasons Why I Hate Birth Control: A Womanifesto” an article by Nicole Stacy for Catholic Vote (…a-womanifesto/)

Preventative Medicine Tip (10:25) – Colonoscopy Screenings (United States Preventative Screening Task Force

Guest Interview (14:30) – OB/GYN and NaPro Technology specialist Dr. Christopher Stroud discusses NaPro Technology and how it guides medical and surgical treatments that can help solve many fertility issues

Medical Trivia (Answer at 40:00) – “If you were sailing amidst small islands known as ‘the islets of Langerhans,’ where would you be? And what is the most valuable export of the islets?”

Book Recommendation (42:15) – Humanae Vitae (Full text here:…humanae-vitae.html)

Listener Question (46:25) – Dr. McGovern answers “Have you ever had to compromise your Catholic faith in your role as a physician?”



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