Feature Interview (13:20) – Health coverage expert Kevin Burns, from The DeHayes Group, an Independent Insurance Agency in Fort Wayne, IN, explains the history of health insurance, the various kinds of health insurance coverage, trends in the industry, and what patients and doctors need to know to get the best coverage for the best care.

Also in this episode:

News (00:40) – 1) World Medical Association rejects supporting euthanasia, 2) a new JAMA article that asks if US medical care is inefficient, 3) Louisiana abortion restrictions upheld by 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, 4) how losing weight after menopause can reduce the risk for breast cancer

Medical Trivia (Answer at 40:15) – If you know a little Greek, you’ll know that the name of the drug epinephrine tells us where in the body it is naturally made, and if you know the other common name for epinephrine which comes from a Latin root, you will know exactly where the chemical comes from in the human body. So what is the other name for epinephrine and where in the body is it made?



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