Feature Interview (15:00) – Psychiatrist, Sister Marysia Weber, R.S.M., D.O., a Religious Sister of Mercy, discusses the growing problem of internet and screen addiction.

Also in this episode:

News (00:55) – Reflections on Ireland repealing their pro-life amendment this Spring , but then some good news about pro-life legislation in the United States in Arkansas and Iowa.

Women’s Healthcare Tip (8:40) – Healthy Exercise in Pregnancy

Medical Trivia (Answer at 42:25) – When you look at our forearms, you can see your veins, and they look blue. Royalty have been referred to as ‘Blue Bloods’ since at least 1834 in Spain. Which brings up the Trivia Question – is the blood in veins actually blue? If not, what color is it, and why do veins look blue? If the blood in veins is blue, why don’t we ever see blue blood leaking from a bleeding wound?

Medicine You Need to Know (45:45) – Catholic Witness in Healthcare editor Dr. John Travaline discusses how St. Padre Pio’s vision for authentic Catholic healthcare is coming to the United States



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