Feature Interviews (15:00) – First, OB/GYN Dr. Christine Hemphill of Harrisburg, PA reflects on the Vatican-sponsored forum “Humanity 2.0” on Maternal Health she attended in Rome back in April 2018. She explains the conversations and plans she participated in about how doctors and laypeople can work together to improve care for mothers and babies, including the role tenderness can play in health.

Then, an interview from the back of a Roman taxi with neuro-radiologist Dr. Jack Lane from the Mayo Clinic, who discusses what he learned about innovative treatments at the various sessions of the Unite to Cure Conference with Dr. McGovern.

Also in this episode:

News (1:25) – Broadening the Human Genome Project (allofus.nih.gov/)

Preventive Medicine Tip (8:00) – Blood Pressure Screening (www.uspreventiveservicestaskforce.org/)

Medical Trivia (Answer at 42:50) – Blood-letting originated with ancient Greeks (Hippocrates and Galen) and the four humor theory of disease. Too much of a good thing (blood) was deemed a bad thing (disease), and so the blood had to be removed. (or black bile, or yellow bile, or phlegm)

Surprisingly, blood-letting has not gone the way of the Do-Do Bird, Passenger Pigeon, and Disco Dancing, but is still among us.

Can you name one of the three disease still legitimately treated by blood-letting? While you may not know the name of the diseases, think about what condition in the body might required removing whole blood for the health of the body. As a clue, I have prescribed this in the past for a certain skin condition.

Listener Questions (46:30) – Our own dermatologist Dr. McGovern answers a question about what could be the cause of chronic in-grown facial hairs.


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